10 Hottest gadgets for the Pinoy

1. I-phone 3G. Globe will sell I-phones beginning August. I just hope they sell this cellphone with the newest version, not the old ones. 

2. Philips MP3 recorder. For just roughly 3,000 pesos, this gadget is complete. It has radio, voice recording and a nice interface.

3. Laptop. Don’t go with a Mac–it’s just a waste of money. Go for a Sony Vios or a Panasonic or Dell laptop.

4. Flip video Camera. There’s this nice gadget called Flip that’s making Europeans and Americans crazy. 

5. SLR Camera. Go for Canon. Nice to have.

6. Portable Playstation. Hey, even if there’s Wii, Pinoys still love their PSPs.

7. Wii. Go for the Wii, not just for the excitement. It’s your early morning exercise.

8. Wireless Landline phone. Go for PLDT.

9. Smart Bro or PLDT. I heard that PLDT’s version can pick up signals even on high seas. Sounds very cool. 

10. AOC TV/PC Monitors. Hey, is’nt nice to have an LCD monitor that picks up TV signals and that you can use as your PC monitor?News & Journalism - Top Blogs Philippines


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