Freedom of the people

December 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

Representatives of the Philippine media and the Philippine National Police recently had a dialogue. It’s supposed to iron out their differences. What came out of the dialogue was, well, as expected, a hardening of each and every one’s positions. The media reiterated that it was a violation of their freedom of expression and a suppression of the people’s right to information when the police arrested most of them during the height of the Peninsula incident. The PNP lambasted them instead for being ignorant of the law and even warned them of a similar “punishment” the “next time they do what they did last 29 November”.

I have one advise to my colleagues–don’t waste your time. This government will not listen to you. It does not even listen to the cries of the people whom they have vowed to serve. They don’t listen to the international community who constantly remind them of the people’s rights. And obviously, they don’t listen to civil society who struggled in 2001 to put them in power.

This government always play dumb.

I just need to ask this question–why are they angry with media for being there? Why? Was it because the police or whoever ordered the assault of the Peninsula had this plan of killing Trillianes group? And that the reason why they’re angry with the media was my colleagues unwittngly became human shields of Trillianes etal?

Just leave the government alone. If they don’t want to listen to reason and law, we might as well shut up and let history judge them. Its useless rationalizing with these people. They are in power. They think that they are invincible and cannot be defeated. Let Puno and his nincoompoops think highly of themselves. In time, they’ll realize that they’re wrong.


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