My dig on Philippine society

April 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

Its true–I live in a society where we value survival more than anything else.

We allow a corrupt and immoral leader to rule us because we can’t find a single person to stand up for change.

We let crooks to rob us of our monies simply because those whom we task to prosecute them are, themselves, beyond redemption.

We teach our kids some manners at the dinner table, yet, when they grow up, we allow them to rob and steal from others. Why? Because our kids watch the daily news and they find the Chief Executive herself robbing, stealing and even lying before our very faces.

We have a military who postures as a strong one only to us, not to our enemies. They vow to fight to the death, yeah, those who fight for real change, not those who dig our graves.

We buy food fit for the dogs with our measly incomes.

Rice is the great social equalizer, yet, even this humble grain has been politically manipulated to satiate the greed of a few traders.

We allow companies to give us just enough to survive while they wallow in tons of cash.

We want at least 125 pesos extra in our daily wages, yet, our government, which is supposed to represent us, calls on companies to just give us the crumbs in their dinner tables.

Such is the society I live in. Its a study in contrasts. Its a lie. Its a mockery of democracy.

Education is said to be the great social emancipator. Yet, even a high school dropout can run and win as president.

In this society, a diploma is a mockery of the system. Those who have brains serve witless masters.

Where is emancipation from all these?

What kind of change do we need?

How do we do it?

Where do we go from here?


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