Solving the Global Food Crisis

April 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

The Asian Development Bank in a report in a Philippine daily paper (Philippine Star, April 23, 2008, page 1) says that the era of cheap food is over. What it says is peoples throughout the globe are now facing the prospect of higher priced food due to environmental changes.

Well, this is not good news, especially for foodies.

I remember reading a book in my university days which says that the world can adequately feed all peoples if governments would only efficiently allocate available resources. Imagine how many tons of leftover foods all the restaurants in the world produce each day? It could be recycled, like what residents in Tondo Manila do. We almost recycle garbage in all its forms now. Why have’nt we invented a way to recycle leftover food?

The way to go in solving this global food crisis is to change our lifestyle. Our society has become so materialistic and wasteful. We are so minimalistic in our home designs but we splurge on food.

There should be a conscious way to minimalize our dependence on food. That could solve the problem.

One, let’s change the existing paradigm of eating three full-square meals a day. With technology, we can actually eat once provided that it contains all our daily nutrient requirements. Come to think of it, I believe that current stats on poverty could be erroneous. Observers note that millions do not eat three-square meals a day. But it does’nt necessarily mean that they’re hungry. Peoples could eat just once, but remain full in a day?

Two, let’s start changing the traditional foods we eat daily. Instead of rice, we can eat wheat? That would be more nutritious than rice? There are implications in this. It could change our physiological and psychological forms?

Three, let’s eat like the Marines do. If they can do it, we can also do it.

Four, let’s not eat like there’s tomorrow. Eat right,not less. Its bad to eat less when your body requires more.

And lastly, let’s not leave food on our plates. Whenever we eat, let’s think of others who don’t. By doing so, we avoid leaving food on our plates. Some do because they were trained by their parents out of Victorian ethics. Its time to junk Victorian and do the Hilton route.


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