How to de-stress

April 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

There’s this wonderful coffee place called Kohikan at the Diamond Hotel that really brings out the best in you whenever you go there. It’s just a little nook but that piece of paradise keeps you entirely at peace with yourself especially when you feel like sipping some hot coffee or eating that luscious piece of ensaymada. I usually hold my meetings there simply because I love their coffee. Sumibi is one of the must-taste things here in the Philippines which you should not miss.

I don’t recommend bringing the whole family there because the price is prohibitive. I mean, yesterday when I bought my friends there, I spent close to 3,000 pesos just for a couple of meals and drinks. Luxury simply has its price and usually drains the pockets of ordinary mortals like me.

Today, I plan to get my family to Subic or even as far as Pangasinan. Last week was such a draining and stress-filled one that I really need to go somewhere to relax. I told one of my staff that they should invest at least 500 pesos every week for de-stressing. Try going to your favorite spa or a fave salon. Watch a movie with your boyfriend or girlfriend or just go to a nice, quiet park and hear the birds chirp. That would probably make your day worthwhile.

Me? I spend a few thousands de-stressing. I’m thinking of buying a Playstation 2 (i know there’s a Playstation 3 already. I simply feel that I don’t need the latest–I just need one that works) but I just don’t know why I’m still hesitant to do so. I heard my friend telling someone how wonderful it is to have a Playstation at home. If you think about it, a PS2 would probably save you lots of money. Why? Because it will make you stay at home and save thousands of pesos worth of gas and resto money for a change.

Detachment seems to be the best way to de-stress. One needs to go somewhere peaceful sometimes. I hate to say it, but our lives have been totally modified by the demands of work that our bodies tend to get tired easily. It does’nt help gulping all those supplements. Those expensive stuff just makes your pee go yellow. What one needs is for the mind to get away from it all.


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