Playboy is’nt about playboy

April 29, 2008 § 4 Comments

I heard one of my friends comment about what I wrote here about Playboy Philippines. He said that Playboy Philippines is just a victim of its own international self-image. What international self-image are you talking about?

When they sold their franchise abroad, they need to be VERY CONSCIOUS on quality. They need to SUSTAIN the imagination of their public. Hugh Hefner, as I read about him, is a suckler for anything banal yet entertaining. He should have not let his daughter run his empire. Why? Because Playboy has lost its luster, its allure compared before.

The problem of Playboy Philippines is the editing, not their ego. The Philippine edition is beneath everything Playboy. I mean, why publish a crap like this and entice us to buy when you can’t do a good job editing it or eliminating those pesky punctuation marks.

Look at the issue–the punctuation marks are here and there and everywhere! Its like a high school smut mag. Oh, sorry, describing it as a high-school smut mag is totally praise-worthy.

Playboy Philippines is a copy of an elementary coloring book, full of women, fancy cars and gadgets. Yes, it is. I compared my daughter’s coloring book with that of Playboy Philippines edition and they look exactly similar. Except, the coloring book has less grammatical and punctuation errors than Playboy’s.


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§ 4 Responses to Playboy is’nt about playboy

  • as it falls says:

    me and my friends saw a copy of the 2nd Playboy Philippines…

    much better! i guess Beting & friends finally got their act together.

    cover girl is Raquel Gibson. one of the Fil-Am international covergirls before. thank god the cover is finally a full body shot! it’s a shot of her on a bangka SS Raquel. much better.

    although i still didn’t buy it… so i have no idea how the inside looks like. anybody out there seen the inside?

  • as it falls says:

    Apparently Mr. Ku the financier/publisher was bitchslapped by Playboy International.

    That’s why the second issue (well the cover at least) is looking a million times better.

    Also the current editor in chief, Beting Dolor will “resign” soon. Supposedly he won’t last beyond June or July of 2008.

    Maybe the Hef though it was time to let the old dog go. HAHA!

  • as it falls says:

    hey does anyone want to place a bet on when Beting Dolor, the editor in chief of Playboy Philippines, will be fi… whoops… will “resign”?

    i feel that August, he’ll go down in history as the fastest editor in chief in Philippines history to lose his job!


  • Hi! Have’nt seen the second edition of Philippine playboy, but I sure want to know what improvements they did on this. Dunno if Playboy Philippines actually heard us but not to worry. I want them to succeed yet they have to do these changes real fast. Otherwise, the Hef may face international condemnation with a failure of this second one.

    Got to get a copy though. Maybe the reason why they don’t sell it everywhere is they’re ashamed of its contents? I’ll find out more…

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