Tyra’s show and that Disney kid

April 29, 2008 § 1 Comment

There’s raging talk going on about this Disney kid agreeing to post semi-nude in a magazine. I have’nt seen the mag but I’ve read the reviews. Like that Pinay-American star on High School Musical, this cute kid is another potential “star” who wants to be known pronto–for the wrong reasons.

Posing nude for a teenager is definitely not art. Its plain and simple teen porn. And, it shows how America is slowly turning into what another wordpress blogger described as a Nation of Porn, or probably a Nation of Lewdness. Worst, as this blogger alleges, its Disney who’s leading the charge. I just don’t know what Walt Disney would do if he’s alive. He’s probably turning in his grave

I saw Tyra’s show tonight. The topic? Young adult prostitutes having their “first time” working as prostitutes. I don’t know with you, but I found the episode quite disturbing, even revolting.

What’s so interesting about girls turning into professional flesh traders? I mean, what’s more to discover about their lives? You’ll hear the oft-repeated line that “they’re doing it for the money” or “they want to help their families” hence prostitution. What more to tell us about them, Tyra?

I know what Tyra wants to achieve but baring the lives of these young teenagers before the world is, for me, disgusting. Why? Because you’re actually telling other poor, young kids out there that its okey to sell your bodies for the right price. Just because you’re dirt poor does’nt mean that you’re really out of luck? Or that you can’t do anything to get money other than being prostitutes? There are other things to do than selling your body for money.

If those girls are Chinese or Cambodians or even Africans, I can understand. But, they’re Americans. Compared with other poor teenagers out there, these girls do have choices. They do have opportunities which the system allows them to have, merely because they’re Americans.

Going to the Playboy ranch is an option for those who really don’t want to work for money. Don’t tell me Tyra that these poor girls can’t go work as a waitress in a nearby McDonalds? Or, they can’t sell other things to earn money than their young nubile bodies?

I’m not a moralist, but I think that Tyra did that episode just to hype up her ratings. Poor Tyra. She’s being touted to be the successor of Oprah, but, like her guests, she’s behaving badly. She should have told her producers that doing a show about girl prostitutes is NOT entertainment. Its NOT educational even. It’s telling people the WRONG values.

Prostitution, however legal, is obviously NOT a profession for these poor young girls. Showing their experiences on television is outright EXPLOITATION in my book. Parents with their kids who saw Tyra’s show will not come out of it wiser. They already know that being a prostitute is BAD. Why feature it on a nationally syndicated show is outright foolish, if not totally crass and out of fashion.


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