Playstation, Tiffany Taylor and Diana Zubiri

May 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

It’s Saturday and I’m supposed to enjoy my weekend. Enjoy? What am I supposed to enjoy when I’ll start this day with work. Yes, work.

Being in the media industry is different. Your work starts the moment you wake up and ends the minute you go to bed. Its not a literal 24 hour work, as some would say when they’re pitching. It’s more correct to say that it occupies all your waking hours.

I told myself I’ll buy that Playstation 2. I’ve looked for one and just nearly bought one but never did. I think when you reach my age, you’ll ask yourself whether a thing you’re buying is worth every penny. It’s good because when I was young, I was a reckless shopper. I’m a one-day millionaire. But not now.

I’ve gone six times to that cybermall and found a very affordable Playstation. It’s just 8,000 pesos (more or less US$200), with an 8mb and 20 games with an extra console. It was the more reasonable Playstation ever! Yet, I was not convinced. Why?

Well, all games are literally the same. You get to fight somebody and either you get killed or your enemy does. Or, if that’s not what you like, you get to push those speedmeters and still end up defeating someone in the process.

So, its all me against the world thing. It’s not bad, really. Its just monotonous, to say the least.

I like surfing cyberspace more than playing Playstation. I’ll get to look at beautiful girls, like Tiffany Taylor whose face astounds me. She’s a great beauty. For Pinays, Diana Zubiri, I think, holds the record of being the most luscious, the most beautiful. She’s all Pinay and if ever there’s a poll out there, I’ll vote for her seven times.

What they lack is luck. If Tiffany was born rich, she’ll probably do something else and not pose nude in Playboy. Same with Diana. This girl who hails from Bulacan, is a rarity of sorts. She possesses great beauty, coupled with a great body. Had she been born rich, probably she’ll do something else.

And deprive us men of the pleasures of viewing. Good that they were not.


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