Playboy–an FHM Philippines copycat

May 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

I saw the latest FHM Philippine edition just a few days back. I’m extremely proud that FHM has regained its bearings. I mean, FHM is bringing its old glory back, thanks to the threat of competition from the new boy on the block, Playboy Philippines. It looks great. The cover girl looks pretty and sexy. That’s the way to go FHM!

The bad news is–I did’nt buy it. The last issue that I have of FHM was a few months back. The articles seems an enticing read, but sadly, lacks the potent power of a good read. Maybe the editors of FHM should look back and re-assess their retinue of writers. I mean, we, men, don’t just look for pretty ladies. No. We want our magazines to satiate both our thirst for beautiful things and nice-to-have gadgets and our intellect. Hey, we’re not that sex hungry. Sex, as they know, is just a selling tool. Its all marketing.

Maybe the guys over FHM is misinterpreting their market. They probably assume that the fight right now is confined to whoever is more baring, more daring and more nipple-showing. No.

Your audience deserves something better. They want a good read. They want an engaging read. You’re market is not your tambay boy or those guys meandering in a street store.

Your audience, I believe, are professionals. They want nothing more than premium stuff.

That’s why I hate to reiterate it–you guys at Playboy Philippines ought to give us what Hugh gave the Americans–a premium magazine that raises both the testosterone levels and brain cells. Not some stuff that speeds up our disgusts and reduces our brain cells.

I expect the second outing of Playboy Philippines to be more premium, more classy, and more “engaging” so to speak. Magazines are personal things for us men you know. We want mystique. We want exclusivity. We want nothing more than the best.

I’m expecting other men’s mags, such as Maxim, Uno etc. to follow the lead.


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§ 3 Responses to Playboy–an FHM Philippines copycat

  • There it is, bad take off for Playboy II. It might meet the same fate as Playboy I. This time, there’s no more Cardinal Sin to bully the mag to close shop, as you were saying it’s more of the low originality criterion that now haunts the Playboy. It better close shop!

  • Jeman says:

    hope you’ve seen how PLAYBOY Philippines have improved. and that the magazine that you’ve been looking for – a premium magazine that raises both the testosterone levels and brain cells – if that’s how you wanted to call it.

    well, hope you get a chance to see and read the improved version of Playboy Philippines.

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