Heart’s transfer to GMA 7–A wrong move?

May 6, 2008 § 10 Comments

If there’s one actress out there who’ll give an international face to the Philippines, its Heart Evangelista. When I was in Singapore, my friends asked me “who’s she?” when they saw a picture of Heart. I told them that she’s one of the top stars in Philippine show business.

Now, I heard that she transferred to GMA 7. Heart started her career over rival ABS-CBN. She grew with the network. Then, all of a sudden, she’s now a Kapuso.

Probably, one reason is she’s been left out due to stiff competition. Hey, the long necked with the big assets Angel Locsin is there as a wolf. Other celebrities such as single mom (forgot her name, sorry, the host of Wowowee!) and Christine Hermosa, etc. are all there. Undeniably. ABS-CBN 2 has the most number of beautiful faces and the most sexy ladies in Philippine cinema. Over at GMA 7, there’s only one–Katrina Halili–who’s always miscast as a contrabida.

Why do I think its a wrong move for Heart to cross over? Well, for one, exposure. If Heart thinks that she’ll get more exposure (hence, more ad money) from GMA 7, think again. Ratings wise, ABS-CBN 2 still lords it over the game. And two, her move signals the end of her career. I mean, people would always think that you’re at the ebb of your career when you move to a rival station?

I don’t know the reasons behind Heart’s decision. For me though, Heart has the face and the body to give even Angel Locsin a run for her money. Probably, its a problem of management? Or, maybe, just maybe, she thought that she still has a career after spending most of her young life cohabiting with Echo, the young actor who struggles to find his place under the sun? They both abandoned their careers in exchange for love. And now, they’re both suffering the consequences of it.


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§ 10 Responses to Heart’s transfer to GMA 7–A wrong move?

  • cafemelrose says:

    Actually, I think that Heart’s move may prove to be a good decision for her dying career. Like what you said, when she was at ABS, she was battling with 5-10 of the most beautiful, and very popular, leading ladies for a part in a series. And since there aren’t so many competitors in GMA, she can easily snag a lead part (considering that Marian Rivera doesn’t get all of them!). All in all, in time we shall see how Heart fairs out in GMA and if the Kapuso will make her shine enough for advertisers to want her to advertise their products.

    As for Jericho and Heart abandoning their careers for love, you hit the nail right on the spot! It’s not the right move to make when in showbiz because you never know how the media and the fans will take it. In Echo and Heart’s case, it’s evident what happened to them. Now, I’m somewhat hoping for a comeback to the Echo-Kristine loveteam. 😛

  • tv fan says:

    all the best to heart for a very wise career move. watch out for asero with richard gutierrez. sounds like the show to beat. must see on primetime block only the kapuso network can deliver. heart’s edge over angel locsin is that she can talk, host & sing. definitely million times more talented than the slowly dimishing career of angel. a gem find for gma7 to make up for the lost of an ingrate star soon to sit in oblivion.

  • gem says:

    heart now a kapuso, how apt! gma may have lost a monster in disguise of an angel locsin but definitely found a celebrity gem in heart. what goes around comes around. heart has more to offer for the tv viewing public than angel locsin who could only do nothing.

  • tv fan says:

    dunno why my comment got deleted or disapproved. probably because the blogger doesnt share the same sentiment with me huh. in this stars trade between abs-cbn & gma7 involving heart & angel locsin swapping places, guess gma got the better end of the deal. heart can sing, host & act while angel can only smile.

  • gem says:

    hope the blogger author doesnt omit this one. go heart!!! all my best to your reviving career! btw buhay pa ba si angel locsin? saan na kaya siya ngayon?

  • Hey gem and TV fan, I did’nt delete your comments. No. Keep on sending them and I’ll publish it here. Great stuff you guys!

  • abs-cbn fanatic says:

    gem …you’re obviously not watching abs-cbsn, the top rated and classy “soap” -“lobo” stars Angel Locsin, what are you talking about saan na kaya siya?she’s a very good actress, obviously too you do not know how to judge an actress, i feel sorry for you..you can have the skin and bone of Heart Evangelista

  • Lia Hazel says:

    Abs-cbn is the bomb! Pinoy observer i have to agree with all your posts.

  • mrs. germany24 says:

    maybe i just dont stay in philippines anymore thats why i cant get myself convinced that Heart would still have a better career in GMA.. i mean, the writer is right come on.. everybody who’s moving their butts to GMA are those who definitely dont have any career anymore in ABS and unfortunately GMA cant revive it anymore.. limited audience na nga, d pa ganun kalaki ang funds nila for shows..kaya nga diba wala na ngang pahinga ung si marian rivera daw, kasi bumebenta ang shows nia kaya sya na lang lagi.. parang si Angel dati, kaya sya naburn out tlga.. GMA is scared to take risks..because if they do,theyre gona lose money,and they wont even know how to gain it back.. pagudin pa nila yang si marian, para lumipat na rin sa ABS,kung san d nbburn out ang artists.. sorry,got carried away,back to Heart, ofcourse we wish her well.. but until she proves that she is better off in GMA we still cant say she did the right thing.. in German we say, ABWARTEN!

  • jaz says:

    hi.. heart did a great job pagiging kapuso star.. about abs..to be honest with u i dnt think so sila ang tunay na no.1.. why don’t u vist visayas and mindanao.. lalo na yung place na walang cable connection.. they can only seen gma7 they cnt watch abs since you really need to subscribe first ng cable para makuha mo lang ang channel ng abs.. star na abs? sino ba ang sikat dun? c anne, c angle, toni, bea kristine? no comment.. about lobo naman sad to say, d naging magandang feedback ito sa tao lalo na sa masa.. unlike sa mga shows na gma sa totoo lang..we can see those kids naman sa public places kung sino talaga ang gusto nilang bida.. about angel, whatever decision she made i think tama yun siguro kung d na sya sisikat it’s her choice.. inamin naman nya she will take the risk..kung if ever dahan dahan sya maging laos..

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