Family Feud of the Arroyos

May 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

Why was it that the Department of Justice (DOJ) failed to even prosecute even one big-time rice trader? Recently, the price of commercial rice just shot up again. After a much publicized raid of rice warehouses, the NBI teams just suddenly…faded into obscurity..again.

Talks are a-buzz that these raids were directed against Vicky Toh, the alleged paramour of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. Yes, the infamous Toh. Toh reportedly controls rice and wheat trading in the Philippines. There are talks that Mrs. Gloria Arroyo ordered a crackdown of Toh’s warehouses, which caused considerable consternation from the First Golfer..err…Gentleman that he called the DOJ secretary to revive the case of then semi-retired former DOJ secretary Hernani Perez. Talk about a family feud…

Now, look. There’s no more raids…no more Hernani Perez…no more attacks against rice traders. What happened? Seems that the Arroyos are using the entire government machinery as mere retaliatory tools when they wage conjugal wars against each other.

Seems that fair-haired Gloria boy Mike Defensor is still in the States, preparing for what? Talks are a-buzz that he’s being primed for another government post. Why? We have enough of Mike. Mike should learn how to call it quits. We don’t need Mike Defensor, period.

By the way, there’s a titanic battle between the Lopezes and the Arroyos come May 27. Who’ll emerge as the winner? Who do you think?


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