Raquel Gibson and Playboy Philippines 2nd Edition

May 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

Raquel Gibson is a fine specimen of a Filipina. She’s an uber woman, with strong features and a classic body. Yet, for all her beautiful attritudes, it was a very bad editorial decision to put her on the second edition of Playboy Philippines. Why?

First, her nude pics are all over the internet. Why buy a tone down version of her Playboy pictorial when you can practically see everything about her on the internet. In fact, I goggle search her and found tons and tons of nude pics on Raquel. What more can we desire to see or know about her?

Second, I thought Playboy Philippines will feature new and exciting newbies? It’s there in their press releases! They’ll not feature celebs, right? Raquel Gibson is a celebrity already. She even have a fan base. Why her?

Those who want to see her in other more desirable poses should email me immediately. I mean, why buy a teaser when you can have her pics for free, right?

Hey, Mr. Ku and Monsieur Hefner…it’s time, I think, to bring down the gauntlet. Your editorial staff lacks originality and creativity. They need a creative Viagra fast. Otherwise, Playboy Philippines will not sell that much here.


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§ One Response to Raquel Gibson and Playboy Philippines 2nd Edition

  • How is this Playboy selling? The first Playboy was shut down due to the intervention of Cardinal Sin. The franchisee for that one is known to me personally, a seeker of the Path but who’s quite attracted to Left Hand. He was devastated by that church intervention, till now he bears the pain.

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