Last dig at Piolo-Sam Gay Issue

June 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

Two of my readers say, these two stars should pursue with their “bakla” case against celebrated writer Lolit Solis. Well, they pursued it, yes…with a compromise deal. Well, like they say, all’s well that ends well.

One lesson learned–never go to court if the issue is your sexuality. Never. It tarnishes your image even more. Yeah, Piolo and Sam’s lawyers successfully gagged Lolit’s mouth. How about the other millions who read and followed this legal saga? Are you sure that they don’t see you as gays? You may have gagged one mouth. But, sure you did’nt change people’s strong perceptions about your true sexuality.

Come to think about it…so what if they’re really gay? Other hunks in Hollywood are gays. People don’t care if they’re gays so long as they entertain us. Sam’s effort to tell people he’s “courting” Anne Curtis will not help change the perception. Even rumours of Piolo having a child. They’ll be endless rumours to change all that, like this rumour of a Piolo-Edu Manzano thing which I really don’t care and believe.


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§ One Response to Last dig at Piolo-Sam Gay Issue

  • jayson says:

    i think if they are gay, well they dont need to react to much also, because its true probably, however if they cannot accept the fact being gays well that would be a problem, but for lolit solis i think they should pursue the case if they want to prove that they were not together the day that lolit was trying to mention,

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