An Ode to Daboy

June 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

As I’m writing this, local showbizdom mourn the passing of another movie great. Rudy Fernandez, known in showbiz circles as “Daboy” died of cancer at the age of 55. He’s survived by his lovely wife, actress Lorna Tolentino. Daboy fought against his ravishing disease for many years. Last year, reports say that treatments were working against the spread of the disease. However, yesterday, one of his closest buddies, Senator Bong Revilla said that both traditional and non-traditional medicines have failed to arrest the spread of the disease which, reports say, already spread in his lungs and liver.

I feel a tinge of sadness, knowing that a great man such as Daboy died today. I don’t know him personally nor did I have the pleasure of talking with this man. I had seen him though in several occasions, particularly when he ran and lost in the QC mayoral elections (an ill-advised move).

Yet, I share the sadness of his family and friends. I commiserate with them because Daboy seems to be one of the most respected icons in Philippine cinema. He died three years after his friend and mentor, Fernando Poe Jr.

Let the heavens accept Daboy. Let the angels shower him with love and respect, as we, here, in this pitiful earth, do for him.

For Lorna, be well and glad that your beloved husband, friend and lover is now there, in the heavens, being attended to by angels of God. I feel that Daboy has been a very good provider and father to your children. I never heard anything bad written against your kids, proof enough that Daboy was a dutiful father to them.

For the local showbiz industry, I say, praise Daboy for his works. He’s one of our greatest actors, a thespian, who inspires others to raise the bar of excellence in their work. Not a single movie did I watched that shows Daboy doing a pitiful rendering of his character. Daboy’s movies are the stuff of legends. They are always high quality pieces of cinematic arts that showcase the best of Filipino filmmaking.

Let the MOWELFUND pay a tribute to this guy who gave so much for the people and expected nothing in return.


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