Daboy’s Legacy

June 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

ABS-CBN did the right thing when they bought the entire work of art of Rudy “Daboy” Fernandez. I don’t know when they’ll release the series “Tatak Daboy”, but I’m sure that I’ll be one of millions who’ll eagerly watch these films all over again by one of the most treasured gems of Philippine cinema.

I just learned today that this is the last night when people would see Daboy. I would have wanted to see him. But, I restrained myself.

It’s not that I don’t want to pay respects to the man whom I consider to be one of my country’s most talented sons. No.

I want Daboy to remain alive in my memory. I want to remember him as the healthy and handsome actor who beguiled us with his impeccable performance as a thespian.

Daboy’s legacy is his respect to the common man. Like FPJ, Daboy treats each and every film actor the highest respect. I am not an actor and was’nt able to personally experience this.

Nonetheless, as I see throngs of people lining up to see him at his wake, that is affirmation enough that, indeed, this man lived a full life.

The people should pay their respects to one of this country’s most treasured sons. Daboy, the people will pray for your family so that they’ll remain strong.

Tonight, I’ll also pray for him. I’ll pray that his legacy remains entrenched in this industry. I’ll pray that his progeny continue his legacy. And I’ll pray that the virtues which he based his life with, will not go unnoticed.

Let the night be filled with love for Daboy.


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