RR Enriquez Nude Internet Pics

June 12, 2008 § 22 Comments


Is this RR or not?

Is this RR or not?

Wowowee co-host RR Enriquez denied being that sexy and beautiful lady posing half-naked in a calendar. I researched about this and found that, indeed, she’s the one. Its undeniable–the face and the body. I’m just too sad that RR Enriquez had the gall to lie before the public about this. 


She should not be ashamed that she posed half-naked before. I mean, we all need the money, right? And people will understand it. 

When Diana Zubiri was still a “newbie”, she posed totally naked before a group of lusty old photographers and hawkers in a studio. I even saw those controversial photos and video. Diana did’nt deny it. And look at her now.

RR should be made to understand that, as public figures, she now has the responsibility of telling the truth to the public, even if its “embarrassing”. 

Actresses before him did the same thing. Most of them, even the Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos bared their souls before the public. Lorna Tolentino did that, so too Cherrie Pie Picache and all the other bankable and award-winning actresses of our time. 

They never apologized to the public nor did the unthinkable–deny the obvious.


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