Smashing Filipino Idolatry

June 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

I hate to say it but we live in a world dominated by semi-gods. Yes, we see them everywhere–at home, in the streets and in the halls of governance. Everyone thinks they’re gods. 

See how traffic enforcers conduct themselves in public. Watch how security guards hold their guns. Notice how cops conduct themselves before their neighbors. They all think they’re all high and mighty.

In Congress, try to watch how they conduct themselves before their constituents. How about these senators? I’m sure you saw how Enrile and Miriam (sic) Defensor-Santiago conducted themselves before foreign investors? Despite the Philippines being at the lowest rung in the list of notable investment sites, these people had the gall of telling these investors to shut up or ship out. Quite a show of power.

I’m not going into how Malacanang’s illegal occupants tried to show their stuff. We saw that in the Meralco-GSIS saga. We saw that in other things, like the ZTE probe. 

In the socialite circles, look at how these people exercise their “power” over mere mortals. They look at ordinary people with obvious disdain. 

It is time to smash Filipino idolatry and expose the true nature of these people. Read the rebel’ and see how we expose them.



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§ 2 Responses to Smashing Filipino Idolatry

  • rico says:

    it is a shame what sen enrile first tangle with meralco and how he used this for his capmpain for re-election, knowing very well that he did not achive anything at all mearly changed the name and the format as to how we the consumer was being hoodwink.. cheated by this lopez company.
    to all intent and purposes, i guess sen enrile got what he was really after. 1. funds for his re-election bid 2. media milage for the event 3.when re elected he still had position and power to protect HIS interests and not the country. WOW SHAME

  • Arlene says:

    Hello kababayang pinoy,

    Actually di ko alam kung pano ka kokontakin kaya nagcomment nalang ako, gusto ko lang ishare

    sayo na pwede kang kumita sa pagbloblog mo dito sa using a different way try mo

    ivisit yung link.

    Salamat po.

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