Kim Kardashian’s sex tape (and why such stunts does’nt help Filipina actresses)

June 26, 2008 § 4 Comments

Sexy Kim Kardashian just lied when she told everyone in Hollywood that she does’nt have a sex tape. Well, curiosity pricked, I researched and found one such tape being shown all over the Internet. Here’s a video grab of the controversial tape. And it’s pretty graphic.

Seriously, I don’t get it. Kim Kardashian posed in Playboy USA before. Why release the tape now? Some say Kim just wanted to emulate her friend, Paris Hilton, who, by the way, has a new (and some say, “spicy and juicy”) sex tape. That’s her third one. 


Most would probably explain this as part of these actresses’ publicity efforts. They are just stunts. But, why the hell do they do it? I don’t see the logic. Everyone knows Paris and Kim. They don’t need to show their sexy bodies since it’s all in the internet. They don’t even need to do these sex scenes since I am pretty sure producers already gave them movie projects. Or did they?

Here in the Philippines, sexy actresses don’t need these stupid sex tapes just to get publicity. Example, Jennylyn Mercado. A Filipino porn site said that she has a sex tape, shot when she’s still with her erstwhile boyfriend Mark Herras. Instead of publicity, she was castigated for it. People still see her not as a vamp nor a sexy actress. She’s still the Jennylyn who won GMA’s talent search. 

Other such sex video grabs or pictures involve Joyce Jimenez, Diana Zubiri and even beautiful Donita Rose (that photo showing her tits while sleeping). Those photos probably add to the mystery but never generated buzz big enough to propel them to superstardom. Yes, Diana is one of the most sought-after actresses over at GMA, but not before she shed that sexy image. Donita went over that controversy without ever denying it exists. She just let those photos fade in the repository of urban myths.

Look at this semi-nude photo of rising Wowowee star RR Enriguez. When she denied these photos exist, people don’t believe. Or whether they do believe her or not seems irrelevant. Pinoys think it goes with the territory. And denials are pitiful alibis meant to further increase awareness of the issue instead of ultimately killing them.

For all this is worth, one thing is certain–these publicity stunts don’t always go the way celebrities want them to go. I mean, sex tapes are a vile way to get you to superstardom. It’s your entertainment skills, your thespian prowess and your erudition that makes you go places. Having a beautiful and sexy body is just one part of the formula, but it’s not the main ingredient. 


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