Lunch Coup

July 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

Human rights lawyer Homobono Adaza and three ex-AFP officers were arrested yesterday afternoon. Sources say they were going to eat lunch together when agents of the CIDG pounced on them. They were immediately hauled to Camp Crame for questioning and later brought to the PNP hospital for the routine medical checkup.

And what was the alleged crime? It’s the nebulous crime of concocting a coup in their minds. What a downer!

Is there a crime such as this?

I’ve been a law student and nowhere do I find such a crime existing under the Revised Penal Code. There must be an overt act emanating from the “desire” to commit a crime, before an act can be considered criminal. 

Going to lunch with the intention of discussing a crime is not punishable under our laws. One can discuss committing a crime all day or all year if one wants, but without an overt act, it’s nothing. 

Reports say lawyer Raymund Fortun was the one who filed a complaint against Adaza. It is not clear why Fortun did that stupid thing. Maybe Fortun wants to gain publicity again? 

Authorities should release these men from detention. If they don’t do this within 48 hours, they are liable for illegal detention. 

Something deeper

Was Adaza’s arrest connected with the recent successes in court by the Marine standoff officers? Adaza stands counsel to legendary Col. Ariel Querubin, one of the original founders of the Young Officers Union (YOU). Was this an attempt to deprive Querubin of rightful counsel? 

Or, this is part of government efforts to nip a budding destabilization attempt? Remember that the Black and White Movement announced early yesterday that they’ll be launching weekly Friday mobilizations prior to the opening of Congress this July. Is this part of it?

Reports also say that former Col. Raffy Cardeno, the alleged brains behind the slaying of former YOU spokesman Baron Cervantes was also caught. However, if this is true, then Raffy should have been arraigned along with the four other men arrested. As this is being written, no word as to the arrest of Cardeno. 

One thing is clear–government is cracking down its enemies. And for what? I thought government has already extended the olive branch to the opposition. I thought there’s a political truce already? Why all these?


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