Sulpicio Lines will get away with murder..again!

July 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

There are many signs that Sulpicio Lines, will again, extricate themselves from this one. I know this would dishearten some but, really, what Congressmen showed today during the hearing on the MV Princess of the Stars  congressional hearing is tragedy. Yes, it’s following the script of a Greek tragedy, a comedic exercise meant to abuse rather than punish those truly responsible for this incident which killed hundreds of Filipinos. This also shows you what eventually will happen to this probe–another buck passing exercise. Again, the buck will not stop at Sulpicio.  No.

It will stop at Pagasa, the meteorological services of this government.

Instead of cursing Sulpicio Lines, our esteemed legislators vented their anger against Pagasa officials. What happened to billions of pesos worth of meteorological equipment they said? And why was Pagasa officials unable to inform those ships that the storm would be passing that way and not this way. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.

And what do you expect? Forty percent of the country’s passenger capacity are being serviced by Sulpicio. Government is helpless. They can’t shut down Sulpicio Lines because it’s owned by a very influential person. This early, the owner is lobbying for his life before government magistrates and higher ups. Notice how light government is treating Sulpicio Lines. And even the traditional media is being massaged. Compare the amount of stories generated before and compare them now. 

Like any other injustices wrought by big men to small people, this incident will go down in the history books as just another sea tragedy where people died without getting justice. They’ll just get 200,000 pesos and that’s it. 

In this society, when little men are oppressed, it hugs the headlines for just two weeks. Look at how we react on the kidnapping of four people in Basilan and compare it with how we treated Ces Drilon’s abduction. Tomorrow, the bandits will try to kill their hostages. And even government is not doing anything to help them.

Where’s Loren Legarda when you need her?



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