RP’s extraordinary earthquakes

July 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Reader Len wrote and said that she wrote Brazilian psychic asking for confirmation of his supposed prediction and got an answer–no, its not in this lifetime but the next–in 2018! Hahaha! So much for this quack! The only quakes I felt last night were those coming from my bed, and some from my ceiling, hehehe!

But, one reader is correct–what this Brazilian “psy-kick” wants to convey is for us to be prepared. Yes, are’nt we?

Everyday, we are experiencing earthquakes of a different kind–those made by our stupid government. The oil price hikes are 8 magnitude quakes which destroys our budgets. The high food costs are even 9-magnitude ones because it threatens our very existence. Worst, we even have political quakes in the magnitude of 6-7 which eats up whatever taxes we put in the public coffers. 

Such extraordinary quakes kill us softly. These destroy our indigenous moral code because we are being forced to go on temporary exile to other countries for the sake of feeding our brood here. These extraordinary quakes even wreck havoc the once legendary unity of the Filipino family because more and more of our family members are working and finding no time for that 6pm meal prayer time.

Filipinos are a surviving lot. We are made of sturdier stuff. Our DNA is different from other Asians because we have this coping mechanism in us that allows us to survive in extreme environments, especially this one we are living right now.

We don’t need a Brazilian to remind us to prepare for any eventuality, since, we Filipinos know how to. We were raised by our parents to be strong. 

However, much as we like to be rocked almost frequently by these quakes, we need to stop these quakes that threaten our very lives by just one act.


Yes, change! Unlike natural feats for landscape change, we can stop these quakes from destroying the fabric of our society. Yes, we can!

Unlike natural earthquakes, these man-made ones are within our control. We can predict them, we can re-create them, and we can even obliterate them outright if we want!

We don’t need seismographs to show us the intensity of these quakes. We only have our minds and our hands to use to at least mitigate or even erase them if we want.

Yes, change is what we need and change we will get in God’s sweet time.


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