Poor man kills own son due to poverty

July 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Why are we poor?

Why are we poor?

A 29-year old man from Legazpi City Albay just stabbed his 4-month old baby to death. The man, whom I will not identify here, killed his son out of desperation. Reports say, the man became totally depressed because he can’t seem to get the money to feed his kid. The man works as a matador and earns roughly 3,000 per month. With the high prices of baby’s milk, the father became desperate and in his desperation, he chose to end the life of his kid.

This incident was reported by the local media in Albay last 28 July 2008. This is a reported case. How about those whom the media failed to report?
Gloria admitted during the SONA that there are as many as 15 million poor Filipinos now. She says more than 1 billion pesos have been released to at least ease their suffering. And more will be coming (about 8 billion). How soon will this help come? Will it really ease the burden of poor Filipinos?
A survey released today showed 75% of Filipinos feeling more depressed right now than a year ago. They say, their quality of life deteriorated. I can’t say more, because even I myself and my family are beginning to experience the vulgarities and cruelties of this life under Gloria.
What I fear the most is this month, August. With a very lean rice stock, will we survive a potential food crisis? Farmers are rather worried because the harvest is potentially getting leaner and leaner by the year. Farmer cooperatives say, government has not extended help through fertilizer subsidies at this point.
Will our people be able to cope with another round of food price increases? How about another 6 pesos hike in diesel prices? How about another increase in electricity and water rates? 
These questions should have been answered by Gloria during her SONA. Yet, our lovely president preferred to give us 50 cents discount in text instead.

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