A few questions To Mar Roxas

August 1, 2008 § 3 Comments

I’ve been invited to attend a dinner tonight and I was’nt able to come. A legislator invited members of

  • FilipinoVoices
  • (by the way, I’m actually one of the original members of this blog conglomeration) for dinner and coffee at Annabels. I received a text from Ding Gagelonia (a good friend and former boss over at DZBB, GMA 7) asking me if I’ll come. Since I have’nt opened my email yet, I don’t know what’s the fuzz. It’s only now that I learned that we’re meeting this legislator.

    Since I don’t want to antagonize my colleagues over at FilipinoVoices, I deemed it inappropriate to identify him here. But, since I saw over at the site that Nick already revealed who he is, then, Senator Mar Roxas is now fair game.

    First, I have nothing against Mar Roxas. He seems to be a great guy with a sincere and honest heart to help the Filipino People. Like I told Kevin Chua, one of the young organizers of MarRoxasfor2010, I’ll probably consider helping them in the elections. 

    Like Nick though, I have a few questions which I want Mar Roxas to answer. I expect a comment from him in this site and in the other sites which I maintain (Newphilrevolution.blogspot.com, RedBluethoughts, SpinBlaster and Pinoy Youth Rage). I expect him to answer this and post the answer in this post within the next few days:

    1. Will he marry Korina Sanchez?

    2. Will he abolish VAT from oil products?

    3. Will he welcome suggestions that government should integrate a Council of State setup instead of the present one?

    4. Will he break or subdivide Meralco’s franchise?

    5. Will he help the survivors and the victims of Sulpicio Lines?

    6. Will he allow the MILF to govern the BJE (Bangsamoro Juridical Entity)

    These are some of my questions which I hope the good senator will answer. If he does’nt answer within the next few days, then, I’m sorry but I need to beg off. This early, the people need to know the people they’ll be voting for or against.


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    • thinkingpinoy says:

      i can not imagine Korina Sanchez becoming a first lady… I think Mar Roxas is all talk and very little action… he is very vocal about the abolition of EVAT in oil, why doesn’t he spearhead the filing of a bill in the senate? Is it because he lacks the sense of leadership and clout with his colleagues, like what had happened in the cheaper medicine bill…
      he wants GMA to sack Esperon, but will he accept the invitation of the MILF to be one of the negotiators of the GRP? If he has the balls and is true to what he espouses, he should volunteer… personally i don’t think he will…

      • pedro says:


        tama ka dyan!!

        he is allllllll talk alright, image/pogi points driven yan si mar, very careful pumili kung saan siya panig para hindi ma udlot presidency niya.. in other words walang prinsipyo!!

        just like gloria before!

        sana makita toh ng mga tao.. hndi yung mr palengke ek2x!

        yan ba gusto natin maging presidente yung walang paninindigan?

        talo pa si manny pacman sa pag ka showbiz

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