Obama and Immigrants–some questions

August 2, 2008 § Leave a comment


The next US president?

The next US president?

Democratic presidential contender Barrack Obama seems to have an early and comfortable lead over Republican’s bet John Mccain. Polls show him to be the favorite to clinch the top post in the November polls. Mccain’s attempts to discredit Obama’s campaign has snagged and even backfired. Now, people, especially Americans and millions of foreign migrants are just waiting for the official pronouncement of the Obama presidency.


Now, one of the nagging questions on everybody’s mind now is–how will Obama address the ballooning problem of immigration? Will he pursue the standing policy of the Bush administration concerning illegal migrants?

Millions of Filipinos, especially those working there in the mainland, wants an answer. 

Likewise, how will Obama really solve the Iraq problem? Yes, he did say that a troop pullout will definitely be one of his highest priorities, but, will this cause more problems than solutions? 

How about his stand on terrorism? What’s his take on Southeast Asian terrorism? What measures will he use to curb or cut terrorist funding in this part of the world?


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