A beautiful wedding

August 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending Sara Masakayan and Paul’s wedding reception. I was’nt able to come to the church due to some “technical problems” with my expensive barong (which I was’nt able to wear anyway!). But I caught them in the reception. 

Sara wore a classic white gown which fits her nicely. While Paul appeared truly regal with his pina barong. He’s a handsome gentleman, I should say. I have’nt known Paul that much coz he’s such a quiet guy. But, I know Sarah being one of my colleagues whom I respect so much in the company. 

Truly, it was exceptional. I learned that these two love-birds are childhood sweethearts. When Paul’s family migrated to Saudi Arabia, Sarah thought that their relationship was over. But fate has its own reason. Paul came back, renewed his relationship with Sarah and both decided to get married.

When I heard that, I remembered my own life with my wife now, Anna. Yes. For four years we were apart. I went to Singapore and she stayed here. When I went back, she was with another guy. I insisted on renewing our ties and look at us now, we are now together.

Love works in very mysterious ways. If you’re meant for each other, no force on earth would be able to keep you separated. 

To Sara and Paul, may God Bless you exceedingly! May God bless you with loving kids.

Speaking of kids, congrats to Alma Buenviaje, another esteemed colleague of mine, who just sired a baby boy, Miguel!

Alma, you’re truly blessed!


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