Unity of opposites in China is an illusion

August 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


A deception of colors

A deception of colors

Hi Malcolm. My piece about China is actually a direct commentary on what Beijing is trying to tell us people. When they opened that Olympics thing a few days ago, they were talking about unity of the whole world…that men can co-exist with each other…and even insinuated that China is at the center of the world..that it can replace America as the sole superpower not through force of arms but by cultural and economic tolerance.


I say, yeah, tell that to the Tibetans. The situation in Tibet is one good example of how China really views religious or cultural tolerance–they really don’t have that idea in their minds! The way they killed those Chinese activists in Tiananmen…and how they repulsed those monks in a recent pro-independence rally in Tibet shows the true colors of the Chinese government.

Yes, the entire world praised China for that wonderful Beijing Olympics opener but we must not be beguiled by that. Those dreamy performance hides the ugly face of China–an aggressor and known human rights violator.  

China is a big threat against democratic governments. The way these Chinese officials are treating the Tibetans and even indigenous peoples like Chinese Muslims in their own territory shows what kind of world-view the Chinese government really has in store for the world–a world run by a dictator with a big stick, that is the Chinese Communist Party.


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