Anne Curtis and Keeley Hazell

August 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

ABS-CBN 2 star Anne Curtis has recently been voted the “sexiest Pinay” by a men’s magazine. Nothing wrong with that. Indeed, Anne Curtis is one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine cinema except that I think the young thing is not an exportable talent, especially if we’re considering hollywood.

She's matured. Beautiful Pinay

She's matured. Beautiful Pinay

Anne is your sweet and sexy lady. She has this show on ABS-CBN “Dyosa”, and people are really calling her that, since she has this very beautiful face and a bombshell of a figure to boot.

However, I just hope that other Pinays, like Heart Evangelista would be given the same shot at stardom by industry big-wigs. I mean, Heart looks very Asian which would appeal to both Western and Eastern televiewers. If I’m just a GMA 7 executive, I would invest my money on Heart and produce a telenovela starring her and an actor, quite possibly someone who looks Asian also and sell it in the international market. There is a potential for Philippine produced films to puncture the global market. We just need to probably work hard writing a good script.

That leads me to another thing–lately, there’s a dearth of local movies. In an interview, one showbiz insider says the reason might be the lack of good material. Hey, scriptwriters, calling on you now! Research could help you come up with good stories. There are many stories around, not only those involving poverty etc. 


Sexiest Briton

Sexiest Briton

Speaking of good stories, the internet is a-buzz with stories on Keeley Hazell, the 21 year old phenom from England. After being involved in a purported sex video, Keeley is now being dragged into controversy after controversy. 

Keeley started as a young model, then, ventured into TV hosting and some movies. She’s actually the sexiest Briton, according to a survey by a men’s magazine. Her face and her figure have graced every men’s mag in Britain and Europe and people think that she’ll be more famous in the years to come.

However, producers are still looking out for a suitable material for her to star with. 

Any bright ideas?


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