We don’t dance, Gloria

August 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

Gloria and her rapacious gang want us to dance the cha-cha. One of her rah-rah boys, former AFP Chief of Staff and now “peace” adviser Hermogenes Esperon says an amendment to the Constitution is needed to hammer out the kinks in the peace pact between the GRP and the MILF. 

So, ah, many seems to think, the cat is out of the bag. So, that’s it. Gloria again wants to tinker with the Constitution to make herself ruler of this tiny republic of the South China sea. Since 2001, I had a very bad feeling with this midget. She’s small alright but she packs a punch. Well, I’m not surprised. Why? Big surprises come in small packages.

Well, if Gloria thinks that she can get away with this, well, she’s dead wrong. Her puny mind did’nt consider that even the Bangsamoro People don’t want her to use this 40-year old problem as an avenue for her dastardly and selfish plan. The Bangsamoro, though they really want their own government now, can wait. Yes, they will only to avoid further escalation of the problem.

Inday Santiago, the chair of the Mindanao Commission for Women thinks that it’s better now to pursue the peace process, but the implementation should be undertaken by the next president. Meaning, though the Muslims in Mindanao want this war to end now, they can probably wait for another 3 years if need be. 

That’s how people nowadays feel about Gloria. They hate her sooo much that everybody is willing to even go to war just to prolong the peace process and prevent her from changing the charter to suit her own puny plans.

So, Gloria, I hate to say it. Though I support the development in the Mindanao peace process, I will not support government’s insidious plan to change this charter. No sirree!

You have caused us so much misery, so much hatred, so much disillusionment and so much damage to all institutions of government and even destroyed the very values of this nation that not even the prospect of a prolonged war in Mindanao can convince us to make you extend your evil regime.

No, Gloria, we will not dance the cha-cha.


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