Mindanao War profiteers

August 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

Muslim legislator Mujiv Hataman lambasted his fellow Muslims for alleged human rights violations. He says that the MILF rebels are violating the Islamic Laws on War. I just wonder if Hataman investigated these incidents prior to releasing this statement. 

Is he sure that the MILF really torched those houses? Is he sure that MILF rebels killed those innocent civilians?

As of late, there are already 39 killed, most of whom are civilians. A high-ranking military officer has been killed. While there has been no reports of serious casualties from the MILF ranks.

This has got to stop. 

We should militate against the war. This war will definitely affect us in many ways.

Unscrupulous traders might use this to further jack up their prices. If you have’nt notice, prices of rice have reached 40 plus pesos for every kilo. Prices of basic commodities have also risen while gasoline prices remained the same despite lowered global fuel prices. 

And government is doing nothing.


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