Mindanao war turns regional

August 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

As the Supreme Court reviews the Memorandum of Agreement, fighting between Moro Islamic Liberation Front forces and Philippine troops continue. Philippine Air Force Chief Lt. General Pedrito Cadugdog said they are ready for an escalation of the war. For its part, rebel forces also declared that they are ready for war. Recently, the National Democratic Front (NDF) said they’ll be supporting the MILF in its fight against government forces. So, this is becoming a very serious civil war, which could spillover other parts of the country, given the fact that the CPP-NPA-NDF has already involved themselves into the war.

And it seems that peace is slowly dissipating, as both the GRP and MILF sides continue stone-walling, with the GRP telling the MILF that it would not sign the agreement under its present form, indicating that it wants a re-negotiation. While on the part of the MILF, it believes the present MOA is the best option and will not go to the peace table for another round of talks. 

Such a situation may, indeed, lead to a full-scale war, which as what New Philippine Revolution wrote could turn into a very nasty one, given that the conflict has a wider area of coverage than Erap’s anti-Muslim war back in 2000. What we must avoid is a further escalation which could turn the entire Mindanao into a magnet for external participation of regional terror groups. This early, there are signs of bombings in key cities, such as Zamboanga, which could be the handiwork of the Jemaah Islamiya.


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