Government wiggling way out of MOA mess

August 26, 2008 § 1 Comment

Seems that government is on an all-out propaganda offensive to justify its obvious intention of not going back to the peace table. This early, DILG Secretary Ronnie Puno is on the propaganda war path, telling the MILF to police its ranks while government unleash its dogs of war. Puno is ostensibly parroting the line of government and some senators saying that government should not pursue peace talks or probably delay it and instead run after the rogue elements of the MILF.

This is pure and simple double-talking…again. Government tries to wiggle its way out of the legal and constitutional mess that’s the MOA. Arroyo and her minions are telling us that they’re not ready to talk peace unless the MILF gives up their arms and like lambs, meekly and humbly ask that they’ll be given the BJE! Are they serious? Obviously these Moro rebels will never do that! They already told government what they want–talk peace by honoring the MOA. The MOA is the product of years of negotiations. By dilly-dallying and doing all these dilatory tactics will not help in the restoration of peace and order in the South. Government should demonstrate its honesty and seriousness in these peace talks. Same as with the MILF. These Moro fighters should also take a breather and try to allow their representatives to talk peace with the GRP. If they’re too heated and too angry about what happened, then, definitely, these peace talks would amount to nothing!


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