September 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Eraserheads represented an era, of a time when songs mean something to a Filipino. They represent my generation. And when Ely Buendia suffered a near fatal heart attack due to loss of potassium in his blood and clogged arteries, that also symbolized what had happened in my generation.

How many of us succumbed to heart failures? I, for one, suffered more than ten years ago. It’s not a medical condition. It’s something surreal, something deep within me exploded when I saw how ugly my society is. I tried to change it, but my voice was drowned by different voices. The rebelliousness of youth, when faced with a monster of a system, seem to dissipate. Pressures on work, social life, the need to “fit in” add up to a societal heart attack.

It pains me to see Ely undergo a second angioplasty. Seems like eternity. The abuse of yesteryears is catching up with him. It’s a fate reserved for frontmen. 

More than Ely though, my generation has degenerated. Yes, we created our own EDSA (EDSA 2 remember?) but it was a failed experiment. Because of that, many fell by the wayside. Those who worked for it, suffered heart attacks and went to other countries to seek enlightenment. Others joined the system and quickly earned millions. Those like me float in the blogosphere, creating our own Sierra Madres.

I hope that someday my generation redeems itself from this and try to heal its degeneration. I’m praying for Ely’s health. And I pray that he gets an epiphany soon and still write songs for my generation. This time though, I hope he writes songs that would inspire people to act and abandon those cheeky love songs.


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