How much more for the Mindanao war?

September 10, 2008 § 2 Comments

A friend sent these photos. These pictures show victims of the alleged bombing of a village in Maguindanao last September 7. The official Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) statement is: these are collateral damages. They were caught in a crossfire between the Bangsamoro rebels and soldiers. 

dead and pregnant. how much for her life, mrs. arroyo?

dead and pregnant. how much for her life, mrs. arroyo?

Just look at these photos and see for yourself. This is the true costs of the war. Defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro says they still need 80 billion pesos more for the war. I dare ask him–how many more bombs will you allow to be dropped in Mindanao? How many more mortar rounds will your soldiers spend to force the Bangsamoro rebels to drop to their knees? How many more ammo rounds do you possibly need to kill all those people seeking their own land to cultivate for themselves and not for the Lobregats and the Pinons? And how many more soldiers will you send to these deaths in Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte and Cotabato? How many kids can you possibly sacrifice to end this war? A few hundreds?

dead girl, dead future. how many more kids will die due to this war?

dead girl, dead future. how many more kids will die due to this war?

The Bangsamoro rebels and government should go back to the negotiating table and talk peace. There’s no justification for all of these deaths. It’s barbaric and always cause underdevelopment.

Like Nero during the burning of Rome, Mrs. Arroyo asked for a thorough probe of what happened. But the photos speak for themselves–there were indiscriminate bombings that happened and its undeniable. The AFP should at least admit that they erred and should not wash their hands on this one. That admission should have at least lessened the impact of this incident. The AFP’s continued denial of this incident further justified the war. 

End the war now!


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§ 2 Responses to How much more for the Mindanao war?

  • Ahraman Ibrahim says:

    We cannot prevent this. I gave my advices to the Presidential adviser on military affairs before the all out war in mindanao started. I based my advices on the qualitative analysis of situations and logs of my observation in my tour of duty outside of the country. By the way, I was an officer in the Philippine Army, and a member of the Special Forces myself. I was assigned in the 82nd as well, where the battle hardened soldiers act like killing machines… difficult to kill. I cannot blame them. That is the cost of Freedom. I am a muslim too but I dont want to personally loose my identity as a Filipino. This is the idiotry of some of our teachings but I cannot blame Islam for this. This idiotry is only bound to the interpretation of “intelligent boys” in the Philippine Islamic Community. Well brother, I will tell you, the goal of these misled fanatics who call themselves “Islam” (of course I can accept that they are muslims but not mu’min) is to lead any nation and to make any country Islam. These people will never bow down to their non-muslim superiors… never. That is how they interpret the Qur’an. I am thankful because I got educated, I opened my eyes. Now, bro, tell me, if you will stop bombing these guys what will happen to the freedom in this country? Tell me… You know what, the only solution to this problem is the implementation of counter insurgency program of the AFP, brave and sincere soldiery, loyalty to our country, and the love of freedom. Yes, I and my men killed these bastards (MILF and some other false mu’min and false Islam) who are munafiqs. I tell you bro, read the Qur’an, you will see that Islam is for peace but, I will tell you more, there should be no more peace talks, just all out war. You know why? Because there is no freedom of religion in any Islamic nation on earth. Now, we can experience freedom because we are democratic and our government does not support nor depress any religion in the land. Now, we can experience freedom of building mosques in Manila, but when the Philippines become Islamic Nation, I tell you, there will be no more speech to be heard from the people. Only the speech of these illogical idiots will be heard around the town. By the way, in one of my encounter in a mosque in Cebu, I was called by an Arabic Islam, of course he will call me, coz I would surely look attractive to him. I am clean, I dont grow beard all the time, I stand tall and always tuck my shirt in, unlike the conventional uneducated muslims who always wear their dresses lousily (but of course there is a religious reason for growing beard, i dont find it logical though). I approached the group, 3 Arabs, and 1 Filipino Muslim + Me, becomes 2 Filipino Muslims. Now, with the air of superiority, the oldest in the Arabic group started to speak arabic, and though, I know how to speak arabic, I chose not to, and I said to them to speak in English, hehehe. The man said “We Arabiya…” My ears became hot at that time, though I just finished praying Zuhr Prayer. I replied back pointing to myself and the other Filipino, who tried his best to speak arabic (I can even speak a better arabic than him) – “We Filipino…” I know what he wants to prove to me… Something I cannot accept. Muslim should have no boundary. No, I dont want to loose my identity as a Filipino. Do you know that the conventional teaching of these ustaz and ulamas is that no government on earth should be higher than Islam? Now, let me ask you once more. What is the solution to these baseless rebellion of my brothers? I am telling you… stopping the war is the last you should do. I remember one caliph in the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who raided a town and killed everyone with his sword… everyone, except those who will pronounce “Laillahailallah”. Do you want that to happen to this land? As of now, I enjoy my freedom to practice my religion as an Islam, I cannot be greedy too much. I want people to convert to Islam of course, but, I dont want to use force or overthrow any government. I am loyal to the motto of the special forces… to defend the powerless and to be loyal to the flag/ always prepared. Bro, my flag is the Philippine Flag. Islam is my religion. Freedom is my life. I enjoy freedom, I dont want to see people crying around me because freedom was taken from them. Let people like this lady just die like that because she is probably one of those who tolerated the progress of MILF. If she did not symphatize with MILF or Abu Sayaff, she will not make herself a cover for these cowards (these munafiqs are cowards, they use women and children as their shield against our bullets). She should have evacuated the area. Now, go and ask any of your officer friend to tell you something about Co-In/Counter Insurgency. That is the solution to this problem in Mindanao. I enjoy my freedom to worship, and I dont want anyone to suffer because they will be deprived of their freedom to worship too. That is unfair, but that is the fanatical goal of the moro rebels in Mindanao – please plant that in your head. Islam is not only a religion it is a political machinery, but for me personally, I take it as my religion; Democracy is my political machinery. -Ahraman Ibrahim

    • I think this issue is more of a real estate issue than anything else. First off, the Bangsamoro people is not going to war because of Islam. No. They are going to war because they felt that other people just took their lands and made it their own. This is clearly an injustice. It just so happens that those who were made to suffer due to this land grabbing incident are Muslims.

      Now, of course, it is written in the Noble Qu’ran that every Muslim has the right to defend his property from encroachment. Yet, look around and even in the Bible, Christians have the rights to defend their lands. Everyone, regardless of religion, has the right to defend their property. This is, again, not an issue of religion but of an injustice committed against the Bangsamoro people centuries ago.

      Brother Ibrahim, you cannot be an Islamic believer then say that democracy is your political machinery. No. There is no such thing as haram being made halal. There is no grey area in Islam. Islam is a complete life ideology, and to think that it is separate from democracy as a political concept invites misinterpretation.

      Islam, if you study it, is democracy in action. It is not merely a religion—it is a way of life. When one embraces Islam, he embraces it totally. Islam is not separate from democracy, oh no. Islam is democracy. Why do I think so?

      It is the only religious ideology in the world that respects human free will. You believe in the supremacy or not of Allah SWT, that is your decision. You believe in the truthfulness of the testimony of his Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), that is yours to decide or not. You always exercise your freedom of choice in Islam. If you do not follow the very precepts of Islam, then, it is of no consequence to Allah SWT. As the Noble Quran said, Allah SWT does not need us, but we need Allah SWT. Allah SWT has no concerns, but we have, as human beings.

      Suffice it to say, yes, war is the only solution to the Bangsamoro problem, not because Islam dictates it, no. It is the political and socio-economic environment that dictates war as a solution.

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