Pinoys creating blogosphere history

September 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Thanks Rey for your comments about the Mindanao war and for Janette Toral. Toral is really making her presence felt in the blogosphere. I respect her and the others who are working very hard to create and enhance the continuing strong presence of Pinoy bloggers as socio-political influencers. Let me cite some of these note-worthy individuals who are making the Pinoy blogosphere a real media force to reckon with:

Jayvee Fernandez (–This guy knows his stuff so well that thousands view his site everyday. Fernandez is a hard-working guy who partly owns Blogbank, along with fellow blogger Markku Seguerra (rebelpixel). They’re not related but boy do they rock together!

Brad Geiser and Amor Maclang–these two strategic communicators do know what they’re talking about especially on online Word-Of-Mouth marketing. Amor, the first Pinay ever to be awarded a Global Marketing Award by Kraft Global and the first member of the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association based in Illinois USA, is making huge waves in the industry with her pioneering work in this field. While Brad continues to transform big companies in the Philippines with his transformative ideas that re-shape public opinion. Their contribution to the blogger community remains invaluable.

Manolo Quezon III—This guy (a historian like me) is the most influential political blogger in the country. His views remain relevant and quite amazing. 

John Nery (–Nery is a brilliant guy with lots of insightful views that influences hundreds if not thousands of bloggers and Pinoy netizens all over the country and beyond. His tandem with Manolo over at is a joy to read.

Juned Sunido and Noemi Dado–These two bloggers are really spending their time uniting the blogosphere. Sunido is one of the well-known blogger organizers in the country while Dado inspires us with her tireless work in the internet.

Nick of FilipinoVoices ( and–what can I say? This guy is an inspiration to all of us, political bloggers. He’s the brains behind the very successful Filipino Voices, a community of Pinoy bloggers shaping public opinion everyday. An expat, Nick’s vision remains true and powerful. 

Ellen Tordesillas (–this colleague of mine influences thousands of readers everyday with her patriotic writings and insightful opinions. 

Ding Gagelonia (–Ding inspires us to write more in-depth pieces and contribute to the rising influence of blogops (blog opinions) among the people. He is one Patriotic guy.

Gail (forgot the surname, sorry!) of Philippine Blog Awards and Annalyn Junsay of Manila Bulletin–They continue to inspire us and their tireless work at the Philippine Blog Awards are note-worthy. 

If I forgot the others, sorry, blame the space, hehehe!


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