Government to sell lands via Cha-Cha

September 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

Like I wrote in previous posts over at New Philippine Revolution, this governance regime is like a huge real-estate company. It wants to sell whatever it grabs or holds on without thinking about the national welfare. First, it abandoned the Spratlys claim,  then tried to partition Mindanao to a BJE and a non-BJE area and tried to sell hectares upon hectares of mining lands to ZTE, a telecommunications company. 

And why is government desirous to sell property? Because that’s the easiest thing to do to replenish government funds. We should have enough funds, right, since government is getting 12% VAT. Yet, most of the funds are being diverted to line the pockets of government officials. One glaring example–the recent scam over at the Department of Agriculture (DA). The supposed funds allocated to assist farmers have been diverted and already, it’s gone.

Now, Speaker Nograles wants to sell more alienable lands to foreigners. And he even intends to ticker with the Constitution just to do that. What would happen to food production? Will it be abandoned to satiate the greediness of these officials for foreign second home monies? If allowed, government would try to sell each and every inch of Philippine lands just so these officials can get their huge commissions from the sale of alienable lands. 

You ask, where’s the money there? Well, the money will come from the Chinese who need additional lands to support their increasing power and production needs.


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