Melamine in milk

September 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Melamine is just supposed to be used for industrial purposes. A plastic resin made from melamine and formaldehyde, this substance is used to make plastic molds, boxes, etc., never to be added to foodstuffs. Aside from its chemical nature, it’s made from cyanamide, a poison and urea, a fertilizer. Ammonia is also mixed into the soup to make melamine.

So, what is melamine got to do with milk? Simple. It’s purely economics. Pure milk is expensive. By adding melamine into the milk, it increases the protein content of the milk. When the protein content is high, manufacturers can now add water into the milk. Consumers will never notice the difference because it tastes the same and the color remains the same since melamine is white.

Tremendous demands for milk forced these Chinese manufacturers to mix melamine into their milk products. Desirous to make more profits, they resorted to this tactic. Hey, don’t blame them. This tactic has been taught in MBA schools (remember the lesson on how to make toothpaste?). 

Chinese dairy producers now say: to hell with babies and their consumers! Trace amounts of melamine will not lead to deaths. Yet, tests show that melamine ingested by babies lead to kidney organ failures. No known cure from melamine poisoning. As of press time, more than 53,000 babies have been contaminated and four babies already died.


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