The Inhumanity of Poverty

October 1, 2008 § 2 Comments

I find this rather disturbing–sociologists are attributing the rise of child-related violence to the rise of poverty. Net, they say that poor Filipinos are taking their frustrations out to their children. News reports show a mother throwing her child in the trashcan because she can’t feed him. While a rising number of cases reveal families either selling their kids or worst, killing them, because of poverty.

This is alarming indeed. Government should do something about it. Beyond the statistics, government should look into the sociological effects of rising poverty among 4 million Filipinos. Denied of any outlet to express themselves, Filipinos are turning to violence to cope with everyday misery.

These are signs that Filipinos are losing hope and invariably, losing sanity. What do we do about it?


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§ 2 Responses to The Inhumanity of Poverty

  • Violence may not necessarily inflicting bodily harm on children, there is no greater form of punishment you can extend to a child than starving them because you can not support them anymore. Sending your children to the streets to beg for alms is no at all a way for them to survive, it is exposing them to all kinds of danger. It is poverty that drives parents from forcing their children to earn a living for them by begging.

  • Michael says:

    As 10% of the population live and work overseas, and send $US Billions home each year.
    My question is ? where has all the money gone???
    Some of the overseas family members are slaving to save this money, to help the families back home.
    My view is that most of the money has been wasted on pleasurable activities, and that the families do not in any way appreciate how difficult it has been to save all this money in the first place.
    The overseas member is too proud to tell how difficult it has been.
    The key is to try and educate the family , and not sit ans wait for the next Western Union payment to arrive.

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