Lower pump prices now!

October 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

Saw what happened during the meeting between oil companies and civil society groups, led by transport organizations such as Piston. Groups are demanding another round of oil price rollbacks. Oil firms resisted. They say they don’t have any more to give to the people since government imposed a higher oil tariff. With higher taxes, oil companies can’t give the difference between the US$82/barrel price with that of the present US$110/barrel basis of present pump prices.

Consumer and Oil Price Watch Chair Raul Concepcion said, oil firms still owe us between 5 to 8 pesos more. If this is correct, then these oil firms should bring the prices of gasoline to just 41 pesos per liter while diesel should be between 38-40 per liter.

Now is the right time for the people to support these initiatives. These oil companies are robbing us of our monies in broad daylight. They should be reminded that, despite the deregulatory environment, they have the public responsibility to make the right and reasonable price offering.

Let’s bring our collective bodies and minds together and resist this monstrosity being heaped against us. It is time to bring down these oil companies and this government  who remains inutile to the plight of the people.


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