Justice for Maureen Hultman. Justice for All!

October 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Sign the Petition to give Justice to the Hultmans

Today, I started an online petition for the family of Maureen Hultman. 

Justice for Maureen. Justice for All. End the Arroyo Regime Now!

Justice for Maureen. Justice for All. End the Arroyo Regime Now!

On October 17, 2008, the Hultman family will be commemorating the death anniversary of their daughter Maureen. In 1991, sixteen year old Maureen was brutally murdered by Claudio Teehankee Jr. Teehankee shot her in the head, while in the company of her friends. One of the victims survived and testified against Teehankee Jr. After 90 days, Maureen died due to the bullet wound she sustained in the head.

In 1995, Judge Joe Madayag sentenced Teehankee to life imprisonment. The son of the former Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice received two life sentences and another one for frustrated homicide. Based on the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, Teehankee should serve at least 40 years incarceration.

In 2008, the Hultmans and the rest of the Filipino People were shocked when Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo granted executive clemency to Teehankee. Speculations point to the reported closeness of Arroyo to the sister and brother of the convicted killer. Philippine Justice secretary Raul Gonzales was quick to defend the decision of Mrs. Arroyo, along with Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita. Both said that Teehankee has served his due and eligible for clemency.

A quick look at the laws says that a convict can only be eligible for pardon if he already served 30 years imprisonment and if the convict already reached the age of 70.

Teehankee has just served less than 20 years and he’s only 62 years old. Therefore, the convicted killer is still not eligible for executive clemency.

It is clear that the decision of Arroyo has no basis in law and therefore, can be considered as a capricious abuse of her executive powers as president.

We, therefore, ask all Filipinos everywhere to support this Petition. The petition ask that:

1. Restitute Justice to the Hultman family through a review of the executive clemency granted by Arroyo to Teehankee.

2. Petition for the immediate arrest and re-detention of Teehankee so that he continues to serve the remainder of his sentence.

3. Justice for all victims of violence and human rights violations in the Philippines.

4. Ask the International Community to help the Filipino People end the capricious rule of Mrs. Arroyo and her Mafia gang of gutless officials through a People’s Revolt.

5. Regain Truth, Justice and Peace that have been trampled upon by Mrs. Arroyo and her Gang of Misfits.

Register your voice.

Restore our Self-respect as a People.

Regain Our Respect for the Law and Justice.

Sign Up Now!



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