Kiko-Sharon Spat: ” It’s burnout”, says Sharon

October 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Sharon Cuneta has just arrived from Hongkong. In her interview tonight, the Megastar squashed all speculations surrounding the reported “domestic spat” between her and her hubby Senator Kiko Pangilinan. 

Though she did’nt really answered the questions thrown at her, Sharon Cuneta asked everybody to end all these “rumours” about her “quarrel” with Kiko. Sharon has this to say about the issue—“burnout”. But, burnout from what? From work? From family matters? From what? She’s wont to say anything.

Anyway, PinoyObserver is glad that Sharon clarified this issue. As what PinoyObserver wrote a few entries ago, there’s nothing to worry about the relationship of the megastar and the mega attorney cum senator. They are fine. Their relationship is strong. And, granting for the sake of argument that they, indeed, had a quarrel, shit happens to everyone, yes? And that includes senators and their families. But, this does’nt mean that they’ll be separating soon. 

Let’s just wish for the best for the mega couple.


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