Sharon and Kiko should re-marry

October 12, 2008 § 6 Comments

A reader commented about my entry (“Desperately Calling Sharon” which was picked up by TV Patrol World and The Buzz) about the reported “spat” between Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan. The reader said that the mega couple has been hiding the truth from us, the public. “If there’s smoke, there’s fire”, the reader of PinoyObserver said.

Well, yep, there’s smoke alright. But, I doubt if there’s really something seriously wrong going on between the two. I mean, yes, they fight. Yes, they have disagreements. Any couple goes through a tough, trial phase. Who among us does’nt? A 12-year old relationship would definitely undergo rough waters in some way or another.

I mean, those nasty rumours about Kiko having kids and a mistress, reportedly a former legal staff of the Senator, should stop. Sharon has her own connections, right? Sharon has her own money. Would it take her millions for her to investigate her husband? Knowing Sharon, she’ll do that, spend every penny just to know the truth. When she and her Gabby were still on it, the minute Sharon learned of the gallivanting ways of the former matinee idol, did she keep silent about it? No. She bolted right straight away from their conjugal home. If Kiko really has a paramour, would Sharon condone that? I doubt it.

In all likelihood, what the mega couple should have done is admit at least that they had a spat. Sharon’s manager admitted that much. And it would not hurt if they, indeed, had a fight. Kiko is not the first Senator to have a spat with his wife.

Remember the “brief separation” of former Senator Tito Sotto and Helen Sotto? Helen went to the United States to “cool off”. What was the issue that nearly tore the Sotto family apart? It’s reportedly some woman. But, did it really lead to a separation between Tito and Helen? No. Why? Because both are mature enough to recognize that married life is not all roses everytime.  

What we can glean from all these talk about Kiko and Sharon are these facts:

1. Sharon admits that she was “burned out”. And it’s not from work. Quite possibly, there is really an issue which is tearing the two apart. But, is it about Kiko’s mistress or reports of Kiko having another woman? Based on information, that is not the issue. Is it about money? Possibly. Why? Is Kiko spending money while Sharon bear the financial burdens? Where’s their monies? Did they lose millions from investments? At least both should answer the cryptic answer of Sharon feeling “burned out”. 

2. I asked one of my entertainment friends and they surmise that, quite possibly, the mega couple has been affected by Gabby’s return. Hey, I know. I should not tread this path, but many people over at ABS know that Sharon’s still has some feelings about her “first love”, Gabby. In fact, Sharon exits the ABS building not in the same way as that of Gabby’s. I hate to believe it, but is Sharon still thinking about “first love never dies”, and wants to utter the words, “p.s. I love you”? If you ask me, twelve years is such a loong time not to recover from the hurt that Gabby did to the megastar. I don’t believe that Sharon still has the hots for Gabby. Besides, two kids with Kiko, not enough measure of love? And Gabby has sired so many kids outside of the marriage between him and Sharon and the megastar is not that foolish to fall for Gabs…again. But, who knows what’s in the hearts of men, says Socrates. Deep in my gut, this is not the issue.

Come to think of it, what’s soo serious about this thing? Nothing, to be frank. Kiko will still function as a Senator of the land. Kiko will never let a personal problem affect his job. Kiko is a professional. These intrigues will only endear Kiko to the public. Why?

Because deep in our hearts, we want the mega couple to stay as husband and wife. We only talk about this, and we are only concerned because, hey, everybody loves some measure of intrigues in our lives, yes? 

Yet, ultimately, it is concern that makes us notice this issue. Concern that that lovely wedding between the two lovebirds is slowly being torn by  money and political problems.

What I propose or even dare the two couple is this–Kiko should propose to Sharon again. Am I hearing wedding bells again? As an affirmation of their love for each other? Am I seeing this in the horizon? 

The answer is—yes.


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§ 6 Responses to Sharon and Kiko should re-marry

  • daniel says:

    Long before the rumors became public, Sharon was already aware of Kiko and his love child with his former staff member from Bacolod (with roots in Dumaguete–the girl is very simple, decent and has no intentions of ever going public and confrontational about this; she is now studying to be a chef). And she made the decision to forgive him and stay with him in spite of it. It’s so easy for people to insist that Sharon leave Kiko. Having already failed at her FIRST marriage, it’s understandable that Sharon, no matter what happens, would want to make this one last. The fact that her high-profile first husband is back in the country has surely been a determining factor in her present decision to ignore the issue, hoping it will pass. Although the marriage is already a farce, she will stick it out with Kiko–Sharon is too proud, too driven, to admit she has failed again. However, I don’t think she’ll be giving any more live declarations of affection for him, as she did at her last concert. She may already have given him an ultimatum, which is to quit politics and stay out of the limelight, or else (if he really did marry her to boost his political ambitions, then this is one ultimatum Sharon should issue him!)! You must also bear in mind that Kiko is no Gabby, who was the one who literally abandoned mother and child (KC) before. Should there be a separation this time around, Kiko, who has been a doting, attentive dad, will want shared custody of his girls. Is Sharon prepared for that? She has proven herself resilient through the years, but would she want her sheltered girls, most especially the two younger, ones, exposed to the pain and confusion of being shuttled between their parents and their respective families? When she split with Gabby years ago, the press were a respectful bunch, and the couple’s issues, Sharon’s especially, were given the kid glove treatment. Today you don’t even have to be a journalist to dissect a person’s personal life. A simple blog will do the job, and the feeding frenzy starts from there.

  • Thanks Daniel for the info. I share your observations that Sharon will not leave Kiko. But, what’s the issue behind this latest spat between the two? Is it money? Or, Kiko again having another child with the same girl, or with another?

  • dora says:

    Or Kiko is just using her for politics reason?
    hope she lose weight, Sharon is too heavy for a celebrity/

  • Vicenta Majarais says:

    If Senator Pangilinan is having an affair, shame on him. He is not handsome, he should be thankful that Sharon said yes to him for this marriage, my gosh, i am not beautiful but if he will court me, I will not even give him a first look, no offence Sharon, though Gabby is not a good husband nor a good father, I will still pick Gabby for you, at least he is adonis in looks, wala nga lang segurong pera cause why is he back now in the Philippines if he is making good money in the U.S. If I were you, you are a very successful woman, beautiful, well educated, my gosh you can get someone who is rich and famous and equally handsome. You can stand on your own even without Kiko. Don’t lose any sleep and tears over him. He is not worth it. Good Luck

  • carole says:

    ang pangit talaga ni sharon pag walang make up kaya may sideline si kiko.

  • carol says:

    Naku, sobrang taba ni Sharon, tapos pag walang make up, pangit siya. sana magretire na lang siya, sobrang suwapang sa pera itong si sharon, Laos na nga, pinipilit ang mga artista na magkapareha sila, like vilma, aga. hehe.
    ano ba naman ang show ni sharon every sunday, boring, puro gay ang guests, haha, lagi pang nakaupo kasi sobrang taba.
    Alam niyang may asawa si Gabby from the start, but Sharon got pregnant, so pinakasal pa rin ng mga magulang. she found out na may ibang girls si gabby, so she left with KC. that is the whole story.

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