Sharon Cuneta knew of Kiko’s love child?

October 16, 2008 § 12 Comments

From a reader named Daniel.

“Long before the rumors became public, Sharon was already aware of Kiko and his love child with his former staff member from Bacolod (with roots in Dumaguete–the girl is very simple, decent and has no intentions of ever going public and confrontational about this; she is now studying to be a chef). And she made the decision to forgive him and stay with him in spite of it. It’s so easy for people to insist that Sharon leave Kiko. Having already failed at her FIRST marriage, it’s understandable that Sharon, no matter what happens, would want to make this one last. The fact that her high-profile first husband is back in the country has surely been a determining factor in her present decision to ignore the issue, hoping it will pass. Although the marriage is already a farce, she will stick it out with Kiko–Sharon is too proud, too driven, to admit she has failed again. However, I don’t think she’ll be giving any more live declarations of affection for him, as she did at her last concert. She may already have given him an ultimatum, which is to quit politics and stay out of the limelight, or else (if he really did marry her to boost his political ambitions, then this is one ultimatum Sharon should issue him!)! You must also bear in mind that Kiko is no Gabby, who was the one who literally abandoned mother and child (KC) before. Should there be a separation this time around, Kiko, who has been a doting, attentive dad, will want shared custody of his girls. Is Sharon prepared for that? She has proven herself resilient through the years, but would she want her sheltered girls, most especially the two younger, ones, exposed to the pain and confusion of being shuttled between their parents and their respective families? When she split with Gabby years ago, the press were a respectful bunch, and the couple’s issues, Sharon’s especially, were given the kid glove treatment. Today you don’t even have to be a journalist to dissect a person’s personal life. A simple blog will do the job, and the feeding frenzy starts from there.”

This, my friends, I think, is both a fact and an opinion by the reader. I’m not publishing it here to validate earlier rumours of Kiko’s alleged affair because based on this info, it was not an extra-marital affair. If this is true, Sharon Cuneta reportedly knew of Kiko’s love child and tolerated it.

So, the question really is–what’s the cause of Sharon and Kiko’s latest spat? If it’s not a third party, then what is?

KC Concepcion gave us a sampling of what would happen in the future. Asked what’s her reaction to the alleged spat between her mother and stepfather, she gave a cryptic answer: ” whatever they’ll decide among themselves, to separate or not, will be decided in the future.” I thought there’s nothing wrong?


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§ 12 Responses to Sharon Cuneta knew of Kiko’s love child?

  • Yappy says:

    I am the one in denial of this. Up to this point, I still prefer not to believe this. I simly assume that the spat is resolvable and not worst as having a love child or a third party.

  • Jamilia says:

    Hi there.

    I’m reading your blogs lately. Let me just correct the information of you letter sender. Gabby didn’t leave Sharon. It was Sharon who left the conjugal home when she found out that Gabby was having an affair. Maybe the pain of unrequited love got hold of her.

    About Kiko I also thought she knew that Kiko had a mistress and a child. Just about everyone in the political world were already talking about it for the longest time. It was like FPJ siring a 2 kids out of wedlock but the entertainment press didn’t write about it until FPJ died.

    The girl daw. I said daw because I’m getting this from a friend who works somewhere up.. is pregnant again.

    If this is true. I hope Sharon sticks with Kiko. after all the next guy that he’ll meet would do the same thing. Men are polygamous in nature. given the power and fame that kiko acquirerd because of the mega star. It’s easy to understand that he’s just enjoying fruits of it. You wouldn’t even take a second look at Kiko if he’s just an ordinary lawyer in town. Sharon’s fame made him all too interesting.
    He should prove to sharon that he didn’t marry her because of his political aspirations.

  • yeah, yappy, i think, being adults, both Kiko and Sharon will eventually patch this thing up. let’s just hope that this US trip will give them the extra strength to move forward with their relationship.

  • dora says:

    Well, I suggest that Sharon should lose a lot of pounds. sobrang taba, siempre nawawala ang attraction, esp for pinoys gusto lagi maganda, attractive ang asawa. lagi.

  • maganda naman si shawie ah. and honestly, shawie is one ideal wife.

  • gavriel says:

    kung sino ka man na mapaggawa ng storya,bakit naman kami maniniwala sa storya mo,? una,gwapo ba si kiko,di ba sabi mo bakla yan at syota daw ni kiko si david celdran?naku halata naman na gumagawa lang kayo ng balita para magkahiwalay ang mga mag asawa, pinagtitripan nyo ang isang katulad ni kiko? dahil alam nyo na di kayo papatulan?isang may takot sa diyos,abogado na di sisira sa batas,isang baliw lang ang pwedeng gumawa ng ganitong alegasyon, si Sharon ? paniniwalaan kayo? sorry na lang kayo, manigas kayo sa balita nyo na di naman kapanipaniwala…si gabby gwapo at may ebidensya talaga,sa totoo lang, di gwapo si kiko para habulin ng mga babae,sorry di talaga ako naniniwala sa gawagawa ninyo,maglabas na lang kayo ng dna test na kayo lahat ang gagastos para patunayan nyo mga bintang ninyo,at ano ba kasalanan sa inyo ni kiko para mag imbento kayo ng storya?

  • gavriel says:

    isa pa,pinalalabas nyo na manyak si kiko,? matakot kayo sa pinagbabalita ninyo,sabagay,libre lahat ,pati manira,kaso kapanipaniwala naman ba ang ganitong balita? sana nga kung gwapo si kiko,pwede, e kaso,una binalita nyo bakla si kiko,tapos nakabuntis, ano ba talaga? hay, ang pinoy nga naman, may karma sa sinoman ang nag uumpisa ng mga smear campaign na ito,inggit ba o ano,ilan lang ang naniniwala,mga baliw din tulad ninyo. bakla daw tapos nakabuntis ng staff,ha-ha-ha- ,kaya hanggang ngayon iniimbento pa siguro ang mukha ng nabuntis,pustahan tayo,palalabasin nila sexy yung babae, na para bang ubod ng manyak si kiko at ubod ng gwapo na habul habulin ng babae na katulad ni gabby,neknek nyo he-he-he- paulit ulit na lang kayo kundi bakla,nakabuntis

  • itchyworms says:

    Why, yung bang mga ordinary looking men ay di na makaka attract ng girls? Kiko is not at all that bad looking nor handsome but his quite attractive in person. There are sources that has confirmed bout Kiko’s ex bein pregnant again. There’s nothin new bout this senario, it happens everyday. Let’s just hope that they’ll resolve this problem soon…you know, for the sake of their kids. But to get the trust back, Kiko has to be really sorry for what he did, it may take time for sharon to forget his infidelity but in time she’ll get over it. Then everythings back to normal– end of story.

  • Fearless says:

    Totoo. Kiko has a kabit. And the girl is from Bacolod. Confirming lang 🙂

  • Love says:

    “People REAP what they SOW”. In other words “KARMA” for those who are spreading the false rumors re: Sen Kiko having a mistress and lovechild… Huwag ng siraan ng siraan People of the Philippines. Magiging Presidente pa rin si Sen Kiko kahit anong paninira ang gagawin natin. Nakaukit sa palad niya ang magiging Presidente ng Pilipinas sa ayaw at gusto natin. It is beyond our control mga kababayan

  • Mean says:

    Umarte si sharon nung husband na niya si kiko,naging OA,halata na ginamit lang siya ni kiko sa pulitika,ambisyoso rin si kiko,pareho na silang mga plastik.Matatalo siya sa susunod na eleksyon,wala nang tiwala mga tao sa kanya

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