Kiko’s ex-staff preggy again?

October 17, 2008 § 11 Comments

From another reader named “Jamilia”. Here’s an interesting “update” about the alleged girl whom Kiko reportedly sired his first love child. I just really hope this is not true. For my heart bleeds for my former UP colleague, Kiko.

“Hi there.

I’m reading your blogs lately. Let me just correct the information of you letter sender. Gabby didn’t leave Sharon. It was Sharon who left the conjugal home when she found out that Gabby was having an affair. Maybe the pain of unrequited love got hold of her.

About Kiko I also thought she knew that Kiko had a mistress and a child. Just about everyone in the political world were already talking about it for the longest time. It was like FPJ siring a 2 kids out of wedlock but the entertainment press didn’t write about it until FPJ died.

The girl daw. I said daw because I’m getting this from a friend who works somewhere up.. is pregnant again.

If this is true. I hope Sharon sticks with Kiko. after all the next guy that he’ll meet would do the same thing. Men are polygamous in nature. given the power and fame that kiko acquirerd because of the mega star. It’s easy to understand that he’s just enjoying fruits of it. You wouldn’t even take a second look at Kiko if he’s just an ordinary lawyer in town. Sharon’s fame made him all too interesting.
He should prove to sharon that he didn’t marry her because of his political aspirations.

It’s time for Sharon and Kiko to tell the public what is really happening between them and if all these news are indeed true.


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§ 11 Responses to Kiko’s ex-staff preggy again?

  • pennyforyourthoughts says:

    “Men are polygamous in nature. given the power and fame that kiko acquirerd because of the mega star. It’s easy to understand that he’s just enjoying fruits of it. ”

    Hmmm…so now infidelity is meant to be a privilege and a reward for one’s professional accomplishments. That’s cynicism at its best…so sad, don’t you think? It’s simply adding salt to the injury inflicted on Sharon IF these rumors were true.

    I have been residing in the US for over 20 years so I’m not sure if the Filipinos back home have just learned to assume a blase attitude towards extra-marital affairs over the years. Americans, by the way, still frown upon them. I hope to GOD I’m wrong.

  • Yes, so true. Nowadays, here in our country, having a love child or an extra-marital affair is just, well, a normal thing.

  • firemonkey says:

    Give them a break..!!!!!!


    BAKLA KA BA? or do YOU have a HIDDEN AGENDA…

  • pennyforyourthoughts says:

    A society’s chance for growth is as good as the values it embraces. How can one, therefore, effect social change in the Philippines given the economic woes and political strifes over there?

    Can leadership in the Philippine media, a powerful venue by which life altering positive messages can be expressed, be convinced to actively play a role in this endeavor?

    BTW, I am a doctoral candidate for Educational Leadership at a Catholic university here [my master’s degree is in Business], so I must admit that this is a subject of study that I’m not familiar with.

  • Your thoughts are correct. Values are supposed to be the centerpiece by which everything evolves, from political paradigms to economic philosophies. Nation-building, depends on the values of the builders. Hence, questions on the propriety or impropriety of personal acts are important discussions since it deals with the values of those who are important proponents for change.

    Having said that, we all should be disturbed by these kinds of news since it concerns a person whom we have entrusted the responsibility of leadership. As they say, how could you solve the basic ills of society if you’re house is not in order?

    It is, nonetheless, the duty of every citizen to help Mr. Senator and pray for his speedy recovery from his personal maladies.

  • pennyforyourthoughts says:

    You have obviously offended a reader who may not think less of adulterous acts. However, I admire your fairness in allowing others to express their opinions on your site.

    I do understand your concern about Kiko’s indiscretion, if it is indeed true. This is precisely why the American public started discrediting Clinton after the Lewinsky scandal. Infidelity in politics, though a standard practice for some in power, is still viewed as an atrocioius crime again the preservation of the family unit which is the very core of a society.

  • pennyforyourthoughts says:

    I’m sure you know that I meant “against” the preservation of the family unit…I apologize for the typo.

  • toonietune says:

    I’ll take peace of mind rather than tolerating hurts and infedelity. One chance is enough, but twice is stupidity/Smart women stand up for themselves.Don’t stand up for your man if he is making a fool of you.

  • gavriel says:

    wala na maniniwala jan sa kabit daw ni kiko,manigas na lang ikaw,he-he-he,,,,gawa-gawa lang yan,NOTED

  • gavriel says:

    kahit anong sabihin nyong may ibang girl,nabuntis,he-he-he- hindi kasi kapanipaniwala,una,di si kiko yung mangbubuntis, e gwapo ba naman yan para habulin ng mga girls,sabi mo pa nga plain looking lang at BAKLA pa daw,WALA KANG MABLOG na pangit ano? hindi kasi corrupt,kaya dinadaan mo sa may nabuntis na staff,kakatawa,dahil kahit kailan wala syang staff na girl….

  • carole says:

    Kiko is the simangot king.

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