Sneak attack

October 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Pampanga Congressman Mikey Arroyo was interviewed recently about the alleged machinations being done to extend the term of her mother. ” It’s next to impossible to do that (term extension). How would these Congressmen extend my mother’s term through Charter Change? Will they risk extending the term of an unpopular president?” Mikey said.

Let’s contextualize what Mikey just said (I just paraphrased it). He says Congressmen would not risk extending her mother’s term. That’s true. First termers especially, would not risk supporting an unpopular president. It’s not good politics.

However, they may support a measure lifting all term limits of all elected government officials. This would only happen, if Congress succeeds in altering or amending the Constitution through a Constituent Assembly.

How will they do that? Simple. Speaker Nograles’ proposal to lift the 40% foreign equity ownership cap is one. Nograles already announced that he has the numbers. Surely, in the next few days, we’ll see Congress massaging this issue before the media. They’ll say, Nograles proposal is not for Gloria’s term extension. No. This bill is just one of so many meant to enhance the economic competitiveness of the country. 

Many will oppose it and file a complaint before the Supreme Court. Basing on their behavior last week, this bill will be rendered constitutional by the SC, opening up the charter for more revisions. By that time, possibly January of next year, we may yet find ourselves having ten more years of Gloria.

His mother may be unpopular. But she’s in power. And nothing, no one, can stop her.


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