Gloria as Prime Minister come 2010?

October 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

While we all rage against the expected price hike of electricity charges (courtesy of Meralco), rising food stuffs and that worsening Mindanao peace and order situation, we are forgetting that those in Congress are doing overtime trying to figure out how to tinker with the Charter. Speaker Prospero Nograles proposed to lift the foreign land ownership provision of the Constitution which he expects to be passed before this year ends. Surely, if he has the numbers and can speed up the process in the Committee that is handling it right now, we might see a change in the Constitution prior to 2010. I figured, that would probably happen at the opening of the 2009 Congress. As they say, Gloria has the tyranny of numbers in Congress. And if the Supreme Court resolves the Jala case, Gloria and her minions would probably have their way to suspend indefinitely, the elections in 2010.

Or, elections may happen in 2010, but it’s not a presidential one. It may be a parliamentary elections. If that’ll be a parliamentary one, chances of Gloria running for the prime ministerial-ship is a certainty. 

Will we allow it to happen? Do we see ourselves still amenable to an extended Gloria administration? You decide.

As for me, I’ll better plant kamote in some remote province.


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