UFO’s and the Global Crisis

October 22, 2008 § 1 Comment


I've seen this before...Chinese aliens? Or someone who ate a lot of Chinese melamine


Lately, there has been a renewed fascination on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) and almost everything about alien or extraterrestrial life. If you look at Google’s Zeitgeist, you’ll find that one of the most searched topics include “alien” or “UFOs”. Seems like people are looking for alien life with keen interest probably after NASA found water in Mars and Titan and some success probing other intergalastic systems and finding that water and other elements found on earth exists everywhere in the universe.


Scientists, including astrobiologists are saying that the possibility of “alien life” exists. What they are trying to find evidence is the existence of “intelligent” life which, for all intents and purposes, is the subject of most scientific inquiries. But, for what? Hoping for technology transfers or information-sharing on how to mine resources in the universe? Or just to connect?

If the goal of humankind is just to know if other life exists “out there”, then one has to probe within the core of the earth to see if life exists there first. It does’nt need multi-billion space projects to know that. Yet, science is not interested on deep sea exploration even though the prospect of seeing and discovering new “alien” life is potentially huge.

One of the goals of space exploration is, I think, rooted in capitalism. These space probes are actually researches on resources, possibly for mining and profits in the future. 

Let us go back to this public fancy on UFO’s. If you look at history, you can definitely correlate the increase in “alien” research with that of intense global tensions. Previous to the crash of Wall Street in the 1920’s were reports of people seeing flying saucers hovering almost all homes and in all places. Prior to the Second World War, we see hundreds of people in Britain reported UFO sightings. At the height of the Cold War, the same sociological phenomenon. 

Now, we find amusing statements from World leaders saying that the fate of humankind rest in intergalactic space exploration, as if suggesting that we are on the brink of destroying the very cradle of intelligent life in this solar system. These statements fuel curiosity about what’s happening “out there” instead of really, seriously proving what’s happening “here”.

I will not be surprised if people, especially those from the West, would report increased sightings of UFO’s and the arrival of aliens in beige suits or white frocks. People are looking for ways to release stress and tensions owing to this global financial crunch. Am I suggesting that people are just hallucinating? Maybe. Or maybe not. It may be that aliens descend from their space crafts to help and give people some cash. Or that some alien billionaire decided to impart his huge tranche of cash, his profit from all those “alien abductions”.

Here in my country, I can definitely predict a big political thing happening whenever people report sightings of dark, hideous creatures from the supernatural world. In the past, people report cases of winged creatures (manananggals) and blood-sucking vampires (asuwang) prior to a coup or a People’s Revolt. ABS-CBN TV anchor Julius Babao started making headlines with his reports of asuwangs invading a depressed community in Caloocan city. A celebrity caused a sensation when he reported UFO’s landing in some area in Sierra Madre and visiting folks over at that mystical mountain of Quezon province. He even named one of them over national TV. That happened before Erap saw a huge throng of people gather at the famed EDSA Shrine. We saw what happened afterwards–Erap became an “alien” and was caught and hauled at Camp Capinpin in Tanay.

I would not be surprised if, one of these days, Philippine journalists would start reporting cases of “alien abductions”, “visits from the grave”, “attacks from asuwangs” or even “malevolent duendes (dwarfs) raping virgins”. Hey, its Halloween. Or it’s the season for charter change?

(If you’re really interested on the scientific inquiry about UFO’s, look at the National Archives of the British government. They have recently released official documents on the UFO phenomenon. Check it out.)


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