Filipinos in trouble with PNP Top Cop, says Roxas

October 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Senator Mar. Roxas expressed dismay and alarm over what can be described as a “cavalier” way in which PNP Chief Jesus Verzosa took in addressing this 6.9 million “cash advance” scam. Verzosa’s mistah (classmate), Director dela Paz is at the center of this controversy, along with seven other PNP generals, believed to be members of PMA Class 1976 also. If you look at it, it does seem like Verzosa acted “cavalier-ly” when asked if he knows about General dela Paz’s withdrawal of 6.9 million from the PNP funds.

Roxas says the people should be alarmed since Verzosa seems “too kind” to his classmates. Verzosa’s nonchalant way should be a cause for worry, since Verzosa has a tendency to favor the caprices of his mistahs instead of thinking about the national welfare.

Roxas said if Verzosa already demonstrated how disinterested he is in safe-guarding public funds in his office, the public should ever be more vigilant since this reflects a very serious flaw on Verzosa’s administrative style.

I agree with the good senator. The fact that Verzosa did not know about his mistah’s acts and that he allowed the release of the funds with just one phone call from dela Paz, shows that Verzosa’s priorities are somewhere else.

These mistahs should be reminded of their Honor Code. And lest they also forget is–they owe their careers as cavaliers to the people. If they show or exhibit arrogance when called upon to account for their actions, they are no different from their enemies who defy the law.

Government officials should be reminded that they are accountable not to Gloria but to the people. The Filipino People deserve officers that respect the Filipino People, not those who “cavalier-ly” act in deference to their true masters.


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