CBCP calls for a Revolution; a New Government

October 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) just released a strongly worded condemnation of the Arroyo regime. CBCP head Archbishop Angel Lagdameo condemned the Arroyo regime for doing nothing to fight corruption. Lagdameo urged the people to act now and change the government.

This, by far, according to Ricky Carandang, is the strongest denunciation ever by the CBCP against Arroyo. Do we see a snowball of dissent against this regime, with Bolante’s arrival as the starting point? Hopefully, yes.

The rise of the New Patriots have begun.

On second thought…maybe the CBCP is just muscle flexing so that Arroyo strictly followed what she promised—a veto against the Reproductive Health Bill?

Is this another stunt to show Arroyo that CBCP has the numbers and the power of mischief to force Gloria to choose the CBCP over globalist reproductive health bill lobbyists?

Or, maybe, just maybe, this is part of a growing movement of change within Philippine society? Are we seeing the awakening of the Patriots and the beginning of the end of this regime?


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