Joc-Joc Bolante’s mystery arrival

October 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

Pang Famas award

Pang Famas award

Controversial Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante arrived just past 10:30 pm at the NAIA. Looking older and slimmer, Bolante was on a wheelchair and being secured by what ABS-CBN correspondent Don Tagala said as “uniformed personnel” (which turned out to be Senate security personnel).

Henry Omaga-Diaz of ABS-CBN channel 2 caught Joc-Joc before he went out of the plane and he looks fine. However, when he went out of the tube, he’s already wheel-chair bound. Talk about scripted theatrics. Joc-Joc and his handlers would just want to be “consistent” with the pre-arrival statement they wrote, obviously a ploy to justify Bolante’s stay in an hospital.

It appears that Joc-Joc lost weight in jail. His hair all turned grey. He’s older but probably still not wiser.

He seems stressed and appears harangue. Maybe due to the long flight, but not because of a serious illness.What’s obvious about this is the apparent subtle “protection” he seems to be enjoying right from disembarkation.

It appears that he’ll ask to be transported to a hospital, feigning illness. Nonetheless, lest we be deceived again, Joc-Joc actually can stand on his own and appears in good health. His weight loss could be the result of anxieties after losing his appeal for asylum in America and what fate really awaits him upon his return.

What’s certain is this–Bolante has to account for the following sins against the People:

  • Account for 728 million released to him via the fertilizer project under the GMA (Ginintuang Masaganang Ani) program
  • Account for the 1.1 billion pesos released to him through the GMA livestock, etc, program
  • Account for 1.54 billion pesos released to him via the agri tractors program

Right now, he’s being taken cared of at St. Luke’s Medical Center after he complained of chest pains. Bolante was taken by uniformed security personnel and rode an ambulance. It appears that there was a prior arrangement with the hospital, since reports show that there’s a room waiting for Bolante. There, in the suite where Bolante is expected to be brought, waits his wife and kids. At the airport, Bolante was met by one of his children.

The Senate lawyer, part of the Chamber’s sergeant at arms office, says they have sent their security personnel to secure Bolante. However, it’s uncertain whether they will actually succeed in arresting Bolante.

It appears that Bolante still enjoys the protection of the Powers-That-Be. It’s very clear that Bolante would not do a Lozada, not in the immediate future. Why do I say that?

Who ordered that elaborate security arrangement for Bolante? Bolante’s not a government official anymore, yet he enjoyed strict and tight security befitting a president.

Who secured those arrangements after his disembarkation? Who masterminded that he be brought to St. Luke’s Medical Center, away from the prying eyes of the media? 

My friends, expect another coverup. We may never know where our money went. Bolante, obviously, chose to do a Neri. And the mafia gang which he protected all these years is there to help him.


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