Of Chest Pains and Barber Cuts

October 30, 2008 § 1 Comment

A few hours ago, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo visited St. Luke’s Medical Center. Why? No one knows, except that some malicious tongues wag that he might have visited his bosom buddy and fellow Rotarian Joc-Joc Bolante. Possible. Why? Discuss Rotarian matters since Bolante has been away for two and a half years?    

Maybe ask him to “stay the course”? Various personalities have been going to St. Luke’s lately, having “chest pains”, like ex-VP Teofisto Guingona Jr. (now with Opposition), ex-Senators Jun Magsaysay (now with the elite reformers) and Ernie Maceda (forever be with Erap?) . Maybe FG (forever be at the side of wife)  wants to see for himself if Bolante remains true to the mafiosi credo—omerta.
Or, maybe, he consulted his cardiologist, the same one attending Joc-Joc’s chest pain needs. I would imagine Joc-Joc clutching his chest. He’s getting all these brickbats and angry looks. Afraid? Replace that nurse quick! She stared at me, I would imagine Joc-Joc saying that. She blames me for her shabby pay. Maybe she’s the daughter of a farmer?
Or maybe, just maybe, giving some tips on how to handle those grey hairs? Maybe a confidential tip on how to escape detention, err, detection, and go have that haircut and hair-coloring over at Reyes’ salon? FG issued a statement yesterday expressing that concern. Losing hair? Try Nizoral.
Joc-Joc Bolante, an alleged big-time thief, is having all the fun. I would imagine him again clutching his chest, proud of all the attention he’s getting. His ex-boss at Prudential says he has tons of PR. Maybe Joc-Joc’s thinking he can weasel his way out of this one, as always. 
Imagine, you reportedly stole at least 758 million in public funds and you’re being treated like royalty? Criminals who stole 10 pesos are receiving the brutal treatment in various police stations nationwide. Others even got the “royal treatment”—a lethal salvage.
Well, in this part of the world, when you steal big, you’re celebrity. People admire you for stealing their money big-time. And get away with the royal treatment. Spa for thieves, anyone?

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